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My story. Need Help! Calling all the INTP fellas

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This is a discussion on My story. Need Help! Calling all the INTP fellas within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Alpha12 3:20 in the morning, Thursday/9th/November/2018 Hello, all the INTP's out there and others too. I am ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha12 View Post
    3:20 in the morning, Thursday/9th/November/2018

    Hello, all the INTP's out there and others too. I am new here and this my first thread on this website. I am from India, I am just like normal INTPS out there. I am a computer science final year Student. I get Average grades in exams with normal Study. Everyone thinks I am a very smart guy but only i know what goes in my mind. I am a master procrastinator. Don't have any siblings. Don't have many friends because of my social awkwardness.(I have 1 Doctor friend who is INTJ) I don't go outside much. My only world is my room, I sit in front of my computer whole day plaiyng games, trying to research useless things(i don't know why I do that.) or trying to watch self-improvement video. One of my good habits is I go to the gym every morning. It's holidays. Usually, I go to College after hitting the gym but nowdays I come from the gym and start to read something after 15 minutes or so I get distracted and I say to myself I'll start from tomorrow let's play some games or search something on the internet (ex: Why am I like this?) and here it goes. My Loop, that's what I do every day. I am single. My girlfriend dumped me because of some stupid reasons (for an example:: Whenever my girlfriend tried to talk me my minds wonders of in the middle of a conversation and after she did her talking I used to say can you repeat that and again I get distracted by my thoughts )

    My Problems :

    # Suffering from depression and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) from past 6 months This shit got so crazy that I even started getting panic attacks. I am addicted to masturbation. I masturbate daily from an age of 14. Tried NOFAP. Did not work couldn't hold the urge. My psychiatrist told me that I got this OCD because of the guilt I get after masturbation.

    # I procrastinate a lot.

    # Social anxiety

    # Can't pay attention to conversations, get distracted so easily.

    # I can think of so many Cool ideas, I start 1000's of projects, Many to-do lists and 100's of plans but the problem is I start everything but never finish anything. All I know is that I can't stick to one idea or plan.

    All I know that I can be very productive if I'll stick to 1 thing.

    List will be too long if I will write down every problem I have.

    ohh f**k I forgot why I am writing this down. Oh yeah, I need your help guys.

    Just tell me why am I like this?

    What should I do to Improve myself?

    I want to reach the full potential of INTP.

    (Please don't tell me the answers I know already like = Start reading, bla..bla..bla...)

    And yeah, pls don't hate me. Took so much effort to write this down

    Your friend.
    Have you tried breaking out of your Daily schedule?
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    Thanks for that. I am also one of the subscribers of Athlene-X. I will try out your suggestions. Thanks again.

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    @Sangam swadik
    Right now the only thing I am doing is understanding how habits work. I have found out what's been triggering my cravings and now I'll switch my patterns. There is no schedule for me. Hehe. I do everything at random time. It's not like I am bad at time management. I tried to make schedule for my day and did not work for me. I do everything for 3-4 days. Maybe it's because I try everything at once. Beacuse of lack of will-power to handle all of the new things and I give up.
    I have to start building habits one by one. Can't improve myself in one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyEnigmatic View Post
    May I suggest joining a club of your interest. The best way to beat it is have your mind distracted on the activity that you don't have a social anxiety attack.
    I would also suggest joining a club or otherwise finding a group of peers to meet up with regularly. Having some regular, novel human interaction can help a lot in getting a new perspective on your own life.

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