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INTPs and Female Aspies; What is the Difference? (Also INTJs, ISTJs, and ENTJs)

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This is a discussion on INTPs and Female Aspies; What is the Difference? (Also INTJs, ISTJs, and ENTJs) within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Alivingobituary42 What is strong "IxTP?" Is it strong Ti? If so, how can a Ti dominant be ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alivingobituary42 View Post
    What is strong "IxTP?" Is it strong Ti? If so, how can a Ti dominant be less in their dominant function? By definition, an ISTP should be strong in Ti if it is a Ti dom.
    Well, I see the different dichotomies I/E, N/S, T/F and J/P as spectra. For example, we can have the strong introvert who keeps everything for himself and the strong extrovert which are always talking with other people about whatever they have in mind... and there is a whole spectrum between those two extreme. So, when I say a strong "IxTP", it means that I, T and P are close to the extreme, meaning that their Fe is really underdeveloped (leading to all the socialization issue related to autism)... and when social issue arises, they won't do anything against that which leads to several comorbide attributes listed in the first post.

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    Ah shit, I misread what you said. With how you phrased "most INTP and ISTP with a strong IxTP," I thought you implied that INTPs are excluded from those arbitrary correlations because of reasons unspecified (most likely intuition, which is pretty ironic since autists are fairly decipted and reported to not have great intuition). Yeah, your phrasing made me confused there.

    A little grammatical note, by the way: Add s's to abbreviations to make them plural.

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    There are no "differences". People with AS can have all MBTI types of the rainbow.

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    You're disregarding the key elements of asperger's. The inability to read social situations from nonverbal clues and a lack of empathy. Look into the deficit of mirror neurons.

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    The real question here is: how much of an upside would there be to being labelled Asperger over INTP?

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    If someone was handed a list of diagnostic criteria for aspergers and a list of character/personality traits and internal feels associated with aspergers, they would be far more likely to associate themselves with the list of feels. A doctor as I know them, wouldn't judge someone to have aspergers because of impressions of intelligence and deep thought for example. Like a completely unafflicted person cannot think about deep subjects or be good at math. There is always that hint of superiority in there, which is always contrasted by the actual criteria which do not require such abilities or tendencies.

    The big two categories are problems with social interaction and problems with inflexibility. That is the issues with hyper focus on certain topics and inability to be spontaneous, inability to break away from a routine way of doing things. If these don't sound like "clinically significant" problems that impact life then I wouldn't jump on board the label train.

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