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What is your earliest memory?

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This is a discussion on What is your earliest memory? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; My earliest memory is of a day I jumped into a pond/fountain thing at a stately home somewhere in the ...

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    My earliest memory is of a day I jumped into a pond/fountain thing at a stately home somewhere in the English countryside.

    For those who don't know, a 'stately home' is a big posh historic English country mansion, many of which have had the grounds opened to the public, to be visited freely (or for the price of an admission ticket).

    A bit like the picture below.

    I jumped into a fountain, similar to that one. My feet and little legs got wet, and then I cried. This is my earliest memory.

    I recounted the memory to my mum not long ago. She knew the day well, and was amazed I could remember it.

    The funny thing is that the logical reason for me being able to remember it so well is that it was probably my first ever traumatic experience. Oh, the trauma!

    I also have a very old memory of a day we went on a family holiday somewhere (possibly the east coast of England) and stayed in a caravan. I remember waking up and singing a song about butterflies to myself, while staring for a not-insignificant amount of time at the old-fashioned brown flowery patterns that had been used on most of the upholstery. It's a very vague memory though, has a sort of deep, wispy feel to it, like a whole other life. I'm amazed it still sits in my brain, actually. Brains are fucking amazing.
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    Earliest memories ...

    Sitting on a wooden bench at the hospital waiting for my brother to be born.
    I was 4.
    This memory is a little fuzzy.

    Riding my sister's tricycle around the front yard of the family home while eating a strawberry Freddo frog.
    Also 4 years old.
    This memory is extremely colourful and vivid.

    Getting my photo taken at kindergarten with Punch (from the Punch and Judy puppet show). I was a bit of a groupie back then.
    About 5 at the time.
    This memory is vivid, possibly because I relived it when I saw the photo recently.

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    Upturning a pail of sand over a girl's hair after she asked me why I walked funny and the subsequent beating (with a belt) the daycare lady gave me.
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    It was like I was being squeezed out of the only safe, warm(but wet) home I ever knew. Then there was all this bright light, and weird people pawing at me, all sorts of instruments in their hands. "Whoa, watch it with those snippers! You're scaring me with where that was heading! Wait, hey!"

    Oh, that came later. Yeah, traumatizing.
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    I remember singing the ABCs when I was less than two and getting bored with that stupid song everyone made me sing. I have a similar memory of when I was around the same age, sitting in a high chair, and I thought, " This is what I'm doing right now. I'm going to remember this moment." And I did.
    I'm not sure if I remember burning myself on candle when I was two or if I've just seen the video.
    Most of my other early memories have to do with playing pretend, crying because I was too sensitive, or my third birthday party.
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    I'm not sure if this was my first memory ever, but a very early memory I have when I was about 3-years old. We had gotten pet guinea pigs, and they were hiding in their little hut.

    Me and my mom shined a flashlight so we could see the piggies in their little house. Me and my sister named them Hunny and Pooh Bear, two teddy bear guinea pigs. Other than goldifish, they were some of the first pets that I had. I want to get more guinea piggies someday. They are such adorable, timid little squeakers.

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    A dream of falling into myself. Not sure of the exact age, no other solid memory to tie it to. Young.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    An old gas tank and a table with a watermelon on it in my grandparents backyard.

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    Can't say for sure, but one of the earliest is me walking through the house's doors to the yard, then to the alley, while my mother gently called my name and talked to me. I should have been younger than 19-month-old at the time, because it happened in our previous home.

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    I remember my 3rd birthday.
    My twin sister and I got a rabbit, she got a pink one and I got blue.
    We were also no longer allowed to wear diapers, and I protested and said I was going to soil the house everywhere, but never did.

    But I also remember, vaguely, being behind "bars" (or how do you call it) at the top of the stairs, which is definitely an earlier time when we weren't allowed to go down the stairs on our own.

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