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High Five for Big Five

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This is a discussion on High Five for Big Five within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I had never actually taken the test + couldn't find any threads on the subject in our sub-forum, so... (1) ...

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    High Five for Big Five

    I had never actually taken the test + couldn't find any threads on the subject in our sub-forum, so...

    (1) https://bigfive-test.com/

    Thought it was an alright test/website in terms of time, quality, user-friendliness, accuracy, and presentation of results.

    (2) Share your graphic

    (3) Share your top-3 highest sub-scores

    Intellect 19/20
    Morality 19/20
    Artistic interest 18/20 (tie)
    Cautiousness 18/20 (tie)

    (4) Share your lowest sub-scores (note: reverse thinking)

    Anger 5/10
    Trust 6/20
    Excitement-seeking 7/10 (tie)
    Vulnerability 7/10 (tie)

    (5) Share your highest sub-score under 'Extraversion'

    Friendliness 13/20

    After that, I suggest we just compare our results while we wait for an expert to come in and tell us we are doing it all wrong.

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    Watched this by now:

    Plus, I have taken another test (from a different site in my own language) with the following results: 3 - 23 - 63 - 21 - 40. Openness still towering above the rest. Next conscientiousness still quite clearly. Agreeableness and Introversion suffered notable damage... And Neuroticism stayed about the same. I think the average between the two results would be about right for me.

    Also, now that I have learned a bit more, I suggest the following analogy with MBTI: Extraversion = E, obviously. Neuroticism = F(high)/T(low). Openness = N(high)/S(low). Agreeableness = Fe(high)/Fi(low). Conscientiousness = J(high)/P(low). Very speculative... But I think it's an Okay beginners guide for anyone interested in making the transition. (It kinda makes sense if I plug in my own cognitive functions and compare the results.)

    Fun fact: Openness turns out to be the dimension most strongly related to IQ.

    After more or less having abandoned MBTI (saturation + well... it's MBTI), I must say I am quite positive about this model. It is also the one that is 'recognized' (unlike MBTI) in professional contexts such as recruitment.
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