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Are you a frickin' slob?

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This is a discussion on Are you a frickin' slob? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; As INTPs we probably look past a lot (as one poster said, if it isn't bothering me I don't care), ...

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    As INTPs we probably look past a lot (as one poster said, if it isn't bothering me I don't care), which attributes more to clutter (in others opinions), which some can say is slovenly. Also, those with stronger Si are probably more organized and clean than others. Whereas an Se would have cleanliness for the outward expression it brings (and so people can come over and tell them how wonderful they are), an INTP would pretty much leave things as they are, as long as it's not disrupting the rest of us.

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    I've recently arranged for someone to clean my place 4 hours a week, and it's working out very well. I am bothered by dirty or disorganized environments, when I fucking notice them. It's never come natural for me, to be oriented in my present moment enough to notice as little things fall out of place or need maintenance, and keeping any kind of routine schedule as well. Yet, I find that when my environment is clean, aesthetically pleasing and well functioning, I feel and function better. I just wish I had hired out some of the work sooner. It's really not that expensive at all, and I still do clean and keep up on things, but I like someone to come in and do more intensive cleaning and particular problem areas (laundry builds up, the tub, floors, specific areas of organization like the garage, basement and closets, etc.) The reason I held off for so long includes an underlying belief that it is just fucking lazy and dysfunctional to not do these tasks for ones self (I had 1 very Si parent who still takes great pride I doing these tasks, which created an ideal that I be the same, and I'm not...)

    Also had some conflict with my privacy being invaded, more personal info exposed and even a little bit of 'judgement' as silly as that is. I just took my time and found the right person.

    … not an NT

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    Yeah, at least when it comes to my external environment. I will alphabetize my entire bookshelf but leave my clothes thrown all over the floor and procrastinate chores that involve cleaning. I'm usually surrounded by clutter too, by choice, and it's not just random shit piled everywhere. There's a method to it. I'm meticulous with personal hygiene though.
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    this should've been a poll

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    I am definitely a slob, and to say it rubs neatfreaks the wrong way is an understatement. Looking at the cluttered state of my room and my art studio sums it up. I manage to wear my food when it's meal or snacktime or wearing my paint. My art teacher says clothing with paint stains on them is a sign that art has been created. Also, my school supplies and my general thought process. I am a packrat and don't want to let go of any scarp of paper or my drawings so it builds up.

    I've gotten better with organization but when life gets chaotic, so does my stuff, and people can usually tell I'm a slob off the bat, I give off those vibes.
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    I make a lot of messes, but I clean them up mostly. My bedroom is really disorganized though. I'd say I'm a beginner slob.
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    Not me, but my roommate is so it's not the cleanest. It's alright though. Not too bad.

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    I would say im a medium amount of messy. I hate all kinds or cleaning and decluttering and I honestly ignore clutter most of the time. I only notice that I have clutter when I go to other peoples houses and see the difference.
    This was a huge problem in college and my roomates standards of "cleanliness" were nothing like mine. (And I was much cleaner then than I am now). I went through so many roomates and they always were assholes about it to the point of almost fist fighting. I had to leave my apartment many times to avoid their negative attitude. I had no idea why they hated me until later. I thought I was being clean by cleaning up after myself and cleaning the bathroom every other week and we took turns.
    I started hiring someone to clean our house in the past 2 years and it has been the best idea I had in a long time. But they dont do dishes or laundry. None of the cleaning services do. So that piles up along with clutter. My parents notice when they come over. We have a nanny and when she first started, I think she was a bit judgmental about that too. But I think she got over it.
    It annoys me that other people still that the mentality that I should do all the cleaning and housework because Im female. I work full time and have a daughter. I dont have time to keep up with that. And I dont apologize for that or feel guilty anymore. I have other priorities.
    So I try to keep up a little with laundry and dishes but yes, there is usually some diahes and laundry not done most of the time.
    Personal hygiene wise, Im average I think (for a working mom). I dont shower every day. Probably every other day. But I dont stink and my clothes are clean. I do my hair. So thats good enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Alipheese View Post
    this should've been a poll
    All slobs except me so far unless I've missed someone.

    I just function better being clean and I'm sure everyone else would also if they actually tried it for a bit. It's really quite illogical to live in mess cause it never cleans itself so you have to do it at some point and why live in mess almost all the time when you could stay ahead of the mess and live in a clean and tidy environment almost all the time? I used to live in utter chaos when I was younger. Maybe I just used to be busier than I am now. But I was also less productive than I am now, so maybe I was busy but not as productive and now productive so less busy.

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    Unless it's sticky...or crawling. I don't really see a point in cleaning.
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