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Are you a frickin' slob?

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This is a discussion on Are you a frickin' slob? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; i was considering making 'trash princess' my tinder byline why?...

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    i was considering making 'trash princess' my tinder byline

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    hmmm, like 1 time clothing wearers, still smelling of bounce and soap, no stains, no dirt, in the laundry hamper waiting for a rewash.

    as an INTP:

    Smell the pits, look for stains.

    if none, then proceed to hang back up, or toss in the second vanity sink (that you installed to someday have it used by another person and hopefully that does not include the next owners).

    if some, then how bad of smell, visual is it?
    1. still ok, refer back to previous
    2. it's bad...
    2.1 how bad is it? etc..
    2.2 procrastinate and then procrastinate some more, like the bad beating never stops.
    2.3 every other possibility... argh
    3. FML, I HAVE to clean it now. I could be doing something else rather then pressing the damn buttons on the washing machine.

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    I'm not slobby. In fact I'm pretty good at keeping things in order.

    Not ultra pristine "everything in its place" orderly though. That sort of lifestyle makes me feel creeped out, like I'm not allowed to touch anything. My idea of being not-a-slob is to just keep on top of chores. Dishes washed every day, right after eating. Clothes washed as soon as my dirty clothes basket is full. Keep surfaces acceptably clear. That kind of thing.

    I also joined a gym recently too, which is a whole new level of non-slobbery for me. I had no choice though. My new job is completely sedentary, I walk less than 10 minutes to the office then sit on a chair all day. So the gym was a must. So I go to the gym twice a week now. And on weekends I try to get out hiking.

    So no I am not a slob.
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    "slob" is a big, general word, depending on views.

    i barley own anything, so when i have a few things out of place, it shows.

    i will admit, 1 time, i DID NOT wipe my dog's paws when she came in, she was so muddy and tracked all over the old carpet. i decided that night i was not going to do anything, just let it dry and vacuum it. it was a good test

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    No I am not ^_^

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