[INTP] Are you a frickin' slob?

Are you a frickin' slob?

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This is a discussion on Are you a frickin' slob? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Is your shit always a mess? Do you even care?...

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    Are you a frickin' slob?

    Is your shit always a mess? Do you even care?
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    nvm this was supposed to go in the INTP forum

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    No, I'm not a slob. I used to be one, though.

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    The way to get things done is simply to make them a priority. Be realistic about it. Do you want to live in a mess? If not, make some changes (e.g. set aside cleaning time each day), and you will see the improvement. Work out how much improvement you want and put that amount of time/ effort/ money into it. The only thing I can think of that it comes down to is, are you going to prioritise it? Important, unimportant or somewhere in between?

    Personally I like to make it a priority because I've seen how rewarding it is (not breathing in so much dust is actually quite nice) plus I've realised that I either have to do a little bit each day or I have to waste full days cleaning and on those days won't get the things done that I want to get done. There's really no way to actually get out of it in the end, and if I space it out then it can be relatively tidy all the time which also gives me more time for other things because I'm not forever wasting time sorting through mess looking for lost items.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I finally did my dishes because I needed a spoon. Also I caught myself eating cereal out of a large metal mixing bowl. Jeez, why didn't I just do the dishes two weeks ago??
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    Part time.

    I stack up for two-three days, clean up (thoroughly!), and repeat.
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    I especially hate doing the dishes. Scrubbing off caked on dirt and grime off pans is the worst so after cooking I wash them while they're still hot and I generally will clean up after myself but the other slobs and sloths in this household don't seem to be on the same page about this so I can't clean up half the time due to lack of clearance. I don't spend much time in the kitchen so I don't care either way/
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    Are you a frickin' slob?

    Is your shit always a mess? Do you even care?
    Depends on who you ask. I go through phases where I'd call myself a slob, then I get it cleaned up enough that I just consider myself laid back. My slob gauge is just set a bit different than some.
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    Yes, I'm a frickin' slob.
    At least when it comes to my surroundings I'm a grade A slob.
    Almost never clean in my home, and I hate cleaning.
    If I travel somewhere, it takes less then a day and shit's all over the room, that was clean when I moved in.

    I do care. But almost exclusively due to other people having a lot higher standard than me. It would be nice to be able to spontaneously invite people home. I rarely do.
    It happened often when I was younger, like around 18, when I lived in an apartment in the center of my home town, obviously being a popular hang out place for the friend circle (drinking age is 18 here, so being close to the town center at that age was golden). I didn't care the slightest back then. A wore the slob badge with pride, as no one managed to be as slobby as me.

    I wish that part of me had matured though, as I started to care more about what other thinks. Skipping inviting people over, even dropping potential one night stands before it got to close to a literal home run, as I knew that run to my home would most likely change to a even faster run home to her with disgust on her face.
    I honestly think that has had quite a larger effect on my sexlife and by extension my romantic life. I've been slow to realize it - but still, I really fucking hate cleaning, and not one single cell in my body is organized so it doesn't stay clean very long at all after cleaning.

    tldr: I'm a slob. I like living in mess. Dislikes cleaning. But wish I wasn't a slob due to social demands of certain levels of clean/tidy homes.

    I'm good at hygiene though, clean body and clean clothes are important and easy for me thank god.
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    I really want to say no, but my house is now a construction zone filled with partly done jobs and boxes strewn about because there aren't enough closets (Not even a utility closet....) and I'm overwhelmed so even less gets done than usual...
    and I don't really notice it.

    So yes, huge fucking slob
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