[INTP] What do make of this dialogue?

What do make of this dialogue?

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This is a discussion on What do make of this dialogue? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; This excerpt is from the 1982 movie "The Year of Living Dangerously" and this scene takes place when two people ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    What do make of this dialogue?

    This excerpt is from the 1982 movie "The Year of Living Dangerously" and this scene takes place when two people are walking through a poverty-ridden slum in Asia.

    It's from Luke, chapter three, verse ten. What then must we do? Tolstoy asked the same question. He wrote a book with that title. He got so upset about the poverty in Moscow that he went one night into the poorest section and just gave away all his money. You could do that now. Five American dollars would be a fortune to one of these people.

    Wouldn't do any good, just be a drop in the ocean.

    Ahh, that's the same conclusion Tolstoy came to, I disagree.

    Oh, what's your solution?

    Well, I support the view that you just don't think about the major issues. You do whatever you can about the misery that's in front of you. Add your light to the sum of light. You think that's naive, don't you?

    I'm usually like the character Guy, thinking of the big picture and the logical outcomes of actions; what actual difference would a few dollars make to a bum? It wouldn't solve their real problems but just act as an overnight band-aid. I find this thought process sort of paralyses me as it makes me and my actions seem to inconsequential to the grand scheme—you know, that sort of 'it's pointless so why bother' feeling.

    So why this quote resonated with me so much is because the character Billy focuses on the microsms of life—give a helping hand, share a smile; while it doesnt change the world it is still substantial for me and that person because it is a direct connection that molds our emotions. This scene has really changed the way I think and probably how I will now behave.

    Do you have any thoughts on it, or can you relate to the conversation?
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by onebelo View Post
    Do you have any thoughts on it, or can you relate to the conversation?
    Billy is correct in the sense that the 'grand scheme of things' don't matter. As such it's perfectly fine to make that little difference, although knowing nothing will inevitably change down the road. In that very instance however, you're giving something, making someone happy, making yourself happy. 'Spreading the love' so to speak.

    It is naive, indeed - but only if you presume that anything will change down the road. It won't, nor does it matter or is of any importance as the ordeal is about making the best of the moment you're in. If you don't expect a result and give for the sake of giving there's no such thing as failure or naivety involved as there's no outcome or real investment other than improving the moment you're experiencing, which, if anything, is something smart/marvelous to do.

    It however requires the ability to distinguish what truly matters - inevitably money is nothing but paper and of no real importance. I'd go so far and say that most material possessions are useless and of no real importance for anything that matters in life.

    While I'm preaching however, I'm not about to give my possessions away, nor am I financially stable enough to have a solid base within the framework I'm living in to have anything to spare just yet.

    Although I do occasionally gift bums some beer I haven't finished or don't want to drink - they're generally happy and thankful

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    I also have a tendency to focus too much on the big picture, but I had to learn when and where that is appropriate. Futility is a good reason to not try to fix a car that is beyond repair, but it isn't a good reason not to do something to help someone if you can, even if it won't make any objective difference... life isn't an objective experience.
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