[INTP] The INTP confessions

The INTP confessions

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This is a discussion on The INTP confessions within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Well, I thought that this would be pretentious and grandiose enough for a first post, so that's what I'm doing. ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    The INTP confessions

    Well, I thought that this would be pretentious and grandiose enough for a first post, so that's what I'm doing. This post is really just outlining what some of my personal confessions/fears are, and this is posted here because I'm interested to see how many other people of the INTP type (all of the NT - Analysts really) share these. So... here goes.

    Being afraid of your own mind - When I was watching Criminal Minds and I heard Spencer Reid (a classic INTP by the way) call out to a killer, "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind," that really hit home. Especially with all of the psychopaths and sociopaths on that show, I'm actually legitimately afraid of mentally snapping. With a natural low emotional capacity, it's scary to think of what could drive you into becoming a killer. Death of a loved one (not that we have many of those INTPs! Am I right? Am I right? Oh we're so alone), witnessing something terrible, just getting that bored. It's frightening to think, it really is.

    Embracing the crazy - All of us INTPs have a little maniac inside our heads, don't try and hide it. INTPs are known for being eccentric, and in a way that means we've sort of embraced it... Well a little anyway. This kind of goes hand in hand with the other one. Like what would happen if you just totally went batsh*t crazy.

    Not meeting your own expectations - Now look, I really don't care about other people standards. They think I'm a piece of crap? What a mook, who needs 'em? No, it's me disappointing myself that saddens me.

    The superiority complex - For some reason it's like I'm better then everyone else. Ok, so not all people, just the sheep. You know, that group that makes up like 82% of the population? No, not at sports or relationships, or social skills, but where it counts, like having an IQ above 4. All of these tiny people, with such tiny problems. "Oh those shoes are so bic." "Oh man, did you hear about Jessica and Johnny behind the Liqueur Store?" "Football is actually a legitimate topic to get in an argument about." It's like I live in a world of lab rats, but I don't have the time or patience to do a proper experiment on these tiny brained subjects.

    The inferiority complex - Yes, I can hold both of these at once. But all of these tiny brained humans are so... Happy. All of these things that infuriate me make them actually enjoy life. It's like they get to succeed and I don't simple because they're sheep. And, well, they are so good at it, being happy sheep that it. *sigh* What's a boy to do.

    These are all of the one's I can think of at *checks clock* 12 am. What are yours?
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Good first post? You've left me with nothing to add. INTPs are alone in our ability to objectively dissect the mind. In my mind, at least, if a belief appears illogical it is discarded, regardless of how important it is for the preservation of the ego. INTPs are immune to all kinds of cognitive biases, and while this may seem advantageous, combined with a tendency for self-doubt, it leads to unhealthy amounts of time wasted in fruitless introspection.

    I think there were a few threads earlier, which discussed the darkness in our minds or the "mentally snapping" as you called it, and it had some interesting responses, the kind you wouldn't expect from "normal" people.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    There is literally a thread called ''confessions of an INTP'' stickied on the first page. It's the third one down, you cannot miss... oh.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    As someone who's only in her early middle school, sometimes my thoughts are overwhelming, especially since I'm mentally ill.

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    The INTP confessions

    Wow you hit home for me. I identify with every single one of those but the extremity of thinking I'm going to snap. I don't believe anyone who is truly afraid of snapping will snap btw. Not if they keep an eye on themselves and are conscious of the signs, so I think you are safe :)

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    Hello, I am also an INTP and I share your interest in how fellow NT-types think and how their confessions may be similar or different to yours. It feels great that we're not alone in this world with our rare personality types.

    For me, personally, I think I have the capacity to be a killer (except that I care so much about my future and that I am far too scared of going to jail) due to my sporadic moments of impulsive anger, fantasies of murdering people, and overall lack of empathy (no, I am not a psychopath or sociopath). There have, interestingly enough, been a few times in my life where I was afraid of my own mind in the sense that I was worried about not just thinking out murder but strategizing it, and I found that possibility to be unnerving. However, when I am not angry or lonely, I do not think about killing other people and try to focus on the good side of life, and my lack of empathy turns into selective consideration and empathy for others, where it depends on the person I am dealing with.

    My interests change from time to time, and each is as crazy as the next, and that's all I'm gonna say about your second confession. As for not meeting my own expectations, I can relate because even though when other people taunt or criticize me, I know deep down that I am simply better than them (which relates to the superiority complex), when I do not meet my own expectations I disappoint myself. I always remain uncertain as to what kind of life I want to lead in the future, and I always tend to regret my impulsive past decisions.

    And ahh... the superiority complex. Honestly I would engage in more social situations if only 1) I was less socially awkward and different and 2) people weren't so superficial, in-the-moment, and borderline retarded. But there's no point in socializing so much when none of the conversations I hear my peers engage in have any meaning in them or otherwise stimulate my mind and curiosity. I enjoy discussions about things that are informational and provoke my curiosity, and I even enjoy thinking of how to insult people because it stimulates the mind. Anyway, my peers and even my friends think that I am conceited, especially when it comes to my academic performance and intelligence. I'm actually surprised at my good grades in spite of my notorious INTP procrastination.

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    yeah mate I feel you. I have both the superiority & inferiority complex, and all the points listed. Except I'm not really afraid of my mind, instead I'm afraid of failure.

    I do sometimes have homicidal fantasies when I'm pissed off and I do have a part of my mind which I'd rather limit the exposure of but I'm by no means cowering at the thoughts, just slightly disturbed.

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    I am afraid of my mind going off the track.


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