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Do I simply doubt my intelligence, or am I not smart?

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This is a discussion on Do I simply doubt my intelligence, or am I not smart? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Vegetables It is a rare thing for any NT to be humble let alone doubting their own ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetables View Post
    It is a rare thing for any NT to be humble let alone doubting their own inteligence. We're usually pompous, arrogant, and narcissistic, though not always extrovertedly. You're either still very young or not an INTP. Also you could be INFP. I mean no offense to any INFP, the just seem to be the most self concious about this than other types. If you had some pictures I could tell type for sure.

    This worry about intelligence is silly. You can only ever be exactly what you are and nothing more. Don't compare yourself to other people, just live your life however you want. What if you were the most brilliant INTP ever or the stupidest ever? You wouldn't live your life any differently either way, you'd do it exactly how you wanted to.

    Also I like your avatar.

    I guess I am one of the rare ones then. It is not that I doubt my intelligence, it is that I usually know exactly where I stand. I'll be the first to tell people, "Hey I may be wrong..." or in class, I'll be the person who is secure enough to ask the "dumb" question that everyone has, but is afraid to ask.

    I don't know. NTs are defined by their way of processing the world and information, not by their intelligence. You could be an INTP of average or below average intelligence. But you should know strengths in that regard. as I said above, I don't doubt my intelligence. I know I am an intelligent human being. I am not prideful or arrogant about it, it is just a fact. It is like a beautiful woman who knows she is beautiful, but also she recognizes that she is not the Goddess of Beauty. There is nothing to be gained from false modesty if it is obvious to both of you. If you try to be modest about an obvious trait, you come off arrogant, condescending, etc. unless you are good at it. acknowledging that you are something is not pride or arrogance.

    What is prideful or arrogant is for me to say, I am more intelligent than you are. I don't even know you. And there are different forms of intelligence. I think comparing intelligence to beauty is probably an inadequate, but fair comparison.

    So back to the course. Like a body-builder, I know my limitations. I know my intelligence. There are times when I surprise even myself with my own brilliance, but on the whole, I can honestly look at myself and say whether I am intelligent or not. And I can honestly compare myself to others. I have a friend who is brilliant in programming. The best I have ever done was a vending machine program in Intro to C++. I am a Physics Major, he was Computer Science/Electrical Engineer. Computer Science requires a different kind of intelligence than Physics. This is why I am working on a minor in Computer Science so that hopefully I can improve my Intelligence in that area and become more valuable.
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    So you're judging your intelligence on whether you can debate decently or communicate to others well...

    The only problem I have with the word intelligence is, what is it good for other than to differentiate the dumb from the smart? No one wants to be in the dumb category, so I suppose your concern is understandable... but maybe we should define what dumb is.

    dumb is a substantially lower ability than average to accomplish a mental task. People can only know this insofar it is communicated. So if you think you do this worse than others or someone else, alright so you're a little dumb there. I recommend working on this, if it matters to you.

    The fact is everyone is both dumb and smart. I happen to be very dumb when it comes to all kinds of things. I can't remember a task by myself that was asked of me 10 min. ago, I can't hold on to all of my crap, I can't be intimidated into doing something unless I am thoroughly convinced of it (without the intimidation) - often at VERY serious expense to myself... so I'm working on that. Even with what can be considered INTP strengths I'm pretty hard on myself, so I can be pretty brutal if I dissapoint myself. I don't recommend that though.

    It tends to be the case that if you care about being good at what you described in the way you described, then you will be good at it - so don't fret. So maybe you should really be asking yourself if this is the way you appreciate your own intelligence in the first place. If not, try to reconcile how what you admire about your own intelligence lines up with the kind of intelligence an INTP has. I don't think questioning yourself makes you not an INTP, but even if you're not congratulations - there is a lot of stereotypical behavior you won't have the misfortune of relating to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitehaired View Post
    That is good advice, thank you. I've actually started letting a bit of my personality leak through the facade, as I started a new year. I've challenged my friends more, whereas I usually didn't, so I'd be liked. But I thought that this would be a chance to be myself, gradually, and that's what I've started doing. The other day, my friend told me that the point I was arguing was a good one, which annoyed me. Of course it was, did she think I was stupid? I told her yes, that I'd always been that way. It wasn't anything new for me, so the fact she seemed surprised I could argue a valid point really upset me.
    I think it's a common tendency for people (but especially INTPs) to create kind of an outward persona to fir a situation, or have a specific persona for specific settings. I've seen similar things posted on other INTP threads.

    I used to think that people would realize that there's more to me than they see (like the entirety of my mind that I usually don't share with others) but I've come to realize that a lot of people really do buy into surface appearances :/ They assume that there aren't any more layers to a person. Which is whack, because I always assume the opposite (that people are hiding a lot, and that there are angles to them that I will never see.)

    But there's a bright side (I guess) to people buying into surface appearances: that you can manipulate it.
    But now I'm just repeating myself. Good luck!

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    Unknown Personality

    Your perspective is all wrong.
    Everybody is stupid (there are a few outliers that are actually amazing, but that is truly a small number). Just think of intelligence as a talent like playing a sport. I will use basketball as an example. There are many levels of basketball NBA, NCAA D1, High School, not good enough to play high school. Each step is huge. Think of the number of high schools with teams (I don't know the number but almost all seemed to have a team). There are many kids that get cut in high school (Often times more than made the team). Most of those schools will not produce a player good enough to play D1 (there is 351 teams in D1). These guys are extremely talented, but almost all them are not good enough for the NBA (30 teams), NBA players are freaks of nature just like truly intelligent people.

    TL;DR We are all stupid, except for a relative few freaks of nature. So at least you are smart enough to know you are stupid like most of us.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by OkWhat View Post
    You are probably very intelligent compared to the norm
    Well, no, everyone is probably as intelligent as the norm. That's why it's called the norm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetables View Post
    It is a rare thing for any NT to be humble let alone doubting their own inteligence. We're usually pompous, arrogant, and narcissistic, though not always extrovertedly..
    This may be true for INTJs, but not for INTPs. INTPs, more than any other type, have the ability operate as if they know the truth of something, while simultaneously maintaining an acute awareness of the possibility that everything they know is wrong.

    In my younger years, I used to doubt my intelligence quite a bit. These days, I don't really bother worrying about it because 1) I now have a long enough track record of consistently being right, and 2) I have accepted the fact that I will, occasionally, be wrong.
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    Unknown Personality

    Intelligence to me is some obscure investment common to all. It's an often unconscious cost-benefit analysis suitable for myriad psychosocial conditions. I agree everyone is simultaneously dumb and intelligent. Often the only path to intelligence is sheer stupidity. What matters is how one applies themselves.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    The earlier you have self-awareness and know that you don't know it all, the better off you're going to be in the long run. Just don't turn into a nihilist.

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    @Whitehaired You sound like me when I was younger. I struggled with social anxiety all through high school and college and -- as I find myself settling into this new Ne-led resting state* -- am becoming aware that I was highly emotionally underdeveloped at the time. Just because you exhibit self-doubt doesn't mean that you're not INTP. The real question is, what's your dominant function? Do you pick everything apart or do you seek harmony?

    Another useful question to ask is: Do you find the humor thread funny or not? If you don't find it funny you're probably an NF.
    * An ENTP's first flush of extraversion = massive rush btw. Mine began in June.

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    well, i do that too
    but when i remember that Einstein didnt discover anything or so and no on realized he was a genius until he got older it makes me being just younger a logical reason

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