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This is a discussion on Confessions of an INTP within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by DualGnosis LOL, you're thinking of squirrels. Do you mean squirrels go nuts for lawyers, or chicks go ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DualGnosis View Post
    LOL, you're thinking of squirrels.
    Do you mean squirrels go nuts for lawyers, or chicks go nuts for squirrels? Why squirrels?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pifanjr View Post
    Do you mean squirrels go nuts for lawyers, or chicks go nuts for squirrels? Why squirrels?
    The former. I was making a joke that turned out to be more confusing than funny.

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    My girlfriend asked me today about how it was to have a long distance relationship, I told her that it was alright and that I think it might have worked better if we hadn't been so far apart.
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    I've just freaked out about something very random. Embarrassing as it is, I desperately need to fix my mistake.

    Update: I've just realised that I've been blocked and can never get back the very important item I left behind that got my freaked out today.
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    I've been missing Europe quite a lot lately, and the general sense of 'home' I can easily achieve when I'm over there, even if I'm not near my home.

    There are groups of foreigners in China who have shared humour based on experiences and understandings that can only come from having spent considerable time in this country, as an outsider.

    One of those things is a joke about the fact that Chinese people truly believe their country is the centre of culture and civilisation.

    Okay, there's a strong argument for the civilisation aspect because the history here does indeed go back a very long way (5000 years, according to the party line).

    But for culture, please, Mao specifically aimed to destroy or alter all of it during the revolution. Chinese culture has nothing on anywhere else in the world. Nothing! Everything here is 'too new', or built in a uniform, uninspiring way, and the 'cultural' stuff is all new touristic rebuilds of stuff that was destroyed under Mao. The one redeeming feature is the food, which really is world-beating in so many ways. But that's about it.

    And so now I'm beginning to miss real culture. As in, culture that wasn't completely demolished and rebranded merely 50 years ago. Culture with real history, architecture, expression and depth evolved from several generations of unimpeded social evolution.

    Things as simpe as this:

    Quote Originally Posted by DualGnosis View Post
    I refuse to die without sampling casu marzu and getting lost in some random French village with a ferret in a suit.
    make me miss all that is great about Europe and 'life back home' in general.

    And I've barely even been to France!

    Probably just a classic bout of homesickness. A lot of things about life in China are bloody fantastic. Need to remind myself of that at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pifanjr View Post
    Naive about what?

    Have you tried teaching it?
    yeah i have, perhaps i've now taken a malevolent turn and am still assimilating it.
    i swear less now, honestly not sure what to make of it.
    brimming with apathy though, thankfully i am a fun spectator...at least imo.
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    I've been living with my parents in order to save money to pay for my student loans. And in doing so, I go to church regularly on Sundays. I'm not particularly religious, in fact I'm an ardent atheist at this point, but it's a small price to pay for free rent in my opinion. And we get to eat a family lunch afterwards which is always nice.

    That being said, I've retained two guilty pleasures from going to Catholic church. (1) There's always really well-dressed and physically attractive Filipino girls to keep me distracted. And (2) the church wine taste great.

    Apologies to the more religious INTPs out there, but the Blood of Christ is very tasty.
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    I lied millions of times.

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    I cheated on math exams and got famous for my grades. No one knew until now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SA1988 View Post
    This has left me feeling more upset than expected:

    I joined one of those social dating app things - called Tinder, anyone heard of it? - basically it shows you an image of people in your area and you press a button saying whether you think they're hot or not. If you say you like them, and then it turns out that they have also said that they like you too, you get a little notification telling you that it happened, and then you're allowed to message the person.

    Anyway I spent some time pressing the like/dislike button, not really caring about it (I was actually quite specific with the people I 'liked' though ). I know us INTPs are Internet dwellers but I don't really care for this kind of online dating/hook-up malarkey.

    So today I got a message saying that someone had liked me back. She's really pretty so I thought, "Meh I'll just send her a message, who cares ffs."

    She replied, we chatted for a bit.

    Now of course one problem with these sorts of apps and websites is that loads of guys use it for sex. They send dirty messages, photos of their dick or their abs, etc etc. I am NOT that kind of guy.

    So this girl then asks me why I'm using the app. I told her straight - I don't really know, my friend just told me about it so I joined for a laugh, and I told her that I'm definitely not the kind of guy who just goes on a mission looking for sex.

    So then she tells me that actually it's EXACTLY why she was on there - to find quick simple one-off dates with sex at the end.

    It's there for me on a fucking plate and what did I tell her? "That sounds really interesting but it's just not really the kind of thing I do. I prefer having sex with people who I properly like or love."

    So basically I, a red-blooded male, turned down free sex. With a girl who I would give an easy 8/10. Maybe even 9.

    I'm actually quite amazed. I didn't realise it, but I actually do need at least some form of 'love' to be present before I consider having sex. Maybe if I was drunk it might be different. But the fact that she wanted to meet, pre-arranged from the start... it just goes against my natural psyche.

    It upsets me because I really think it's the kind of opportunity most guys would absolutely pounce on. I know I'll regret it in a few years, with the benefit of utopian hindsight.

    I feel like a major loser because of it.

    That is my, erm, confession.
    Wow, i was looking back at the posts from way back when I first got this account and that's how I ended up here lol. Aside aside, it's incredible how much tinder has blown up since then. And yeah, you'd be surprised with how many girls use it just for sex as well. We get horny too lol

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