[INTP] Are you attracted to extroverted types or introverted types more?

Are you attracted to extroverted types or introverted types more?

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This is a discussion on Are you attracted to extroverted types or introverted types more? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; 1.Are you attracted to introverts or extroverts more ? 2.Whats the current type of the person you like or are ...

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Are you attracted to extroverted types or introverted types more?

    1.Are you attracted to introverts or extroverts more ?
    2.Whats the current type of the person you like or are attracted to ?(if you know) or what are they like.

    1. I'm usually attracted to introverts more often I like that there are more to them then what you see and they seem interesting. They're easy to talk to and could've similar views. I can have long conversations with them. I can be attracted to extroverts but I seem to not last long liking them. I'm usually attracted to their confidence and if they're flirty.

    2. The ISTJ is my current crush hes mysterious theres something about him I like. Hes quite smart too , a nice guy . I hope ISTJ and INTPs are compatible lol.

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    Extroverts, but I'm starting to change that. They never understand how I work and always want to change me, treating me like there's something wrong with me for not being like them.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    1. Are you attracted to introverts or extroverts more? Introverts. I have a hard time keeping up with extroverts, though I don't mind them all that much as friends.

    2. What's the current type of the person you like or are attracted to?

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I’m always attracted to a particular type of gal. I don’t know why I traveled back to the 1950’s with the term, gal, but I digress. Introverted, confident, intelligent, daydreaming, humorous women are who I love to be around. These women seem rare, mysterious and different from the talkative, emotional, fashion-oriented girls. If a girl tells me about how she watched a lecture about Physics or read Plato’s Republic, I’m deeply in love. If such a magical thing could happen, I may even be bold enough to dress in ninja clothes, follow her in the shadows, and leave bouquets of small books with notes attached. The notes will ask questions about the books I’m assigning her to read, and after she issues a restraining order against me, I’ll sulk and play with my nunchucks.
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    Unknown Personality

    Somewhere in the middle. Very e, or very i is annoying. Some extroverts can be more i, some introverts can be more e. Those.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I've been attracted to...


    I don't really have a preference. The E's are bitchin', the I's are bitchin'... who cares?

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I prefer introverts. Several introverts I know are still to extroverted for my tastes.

    INFJs are my favorite.

    My first love is the only confirmed INFJ I know in real life. I'd consider her my best friend now, as she is the only person I ever call up just to talk. I usually love to talk to her but about a fourth of the time she tend to be too extroverted and too judging for me to handle. I don't think we'd be a good romantic match anymore, even if she weren't engaged to marry another guy.

    I'm convinced that the girl who is the closest I've had to a real girlfriend is also an INFJ. She tested as an ISFJ, but always struck me as perhaps the most intuitive person I ever met. There was clearly a lot of Ni in her, and her sensing side was very Se rather than Si. She read me better than anyone I've ever met, and although I think I read her pretty well too most people considered her extremely mysterious. She may have been a bit too introverted for me, which led to some communication problems when there was no one else around to get conservations started. (We were great at continuing conversations begun before everyone else left though.) (I really should have stayed in contact with her after that summer program where we met was over, but I was still really depressed over my first love and not really ready to move on yet.)

    My latest interest is probably very much an INFJ as well. She hasn't to the best of my knowledge taken the test, but seems to fit the description better than anyone. She is a lot like that almost-girlfriend, bu tmuch more mature and willing to take the initiative to start one on one conversations. (I asked her out in September and was gently but firmly rejected, with her saying she never considered me as more than a friend and that she was not at a point in her life when she could consider dating anyone. At the end of October she moved back with her family halfway across the country, and last week she moved to Korea. )

    The girl I was most interested before her is also likely an INFJ, but not introverted enough for me. She always sort of reminded me of a less mature version of my first love. I'd hoped she grow up more and we'd grow closer, but that did not happen. After forming a real friendship with my first love and getting to know her better I came to realize that my feelings for this girl were largely just misplaced feelings for my first love projected on to her because of their resemblance. (After that I went back towards the girl mentioned in the previous paragraph. I've actually known and liked for several months longer but with whom I hadn't really let myself get too close because I assumed we wouldn't have enough time together. I really wasn't over my first love of almost-girlfriend when we met and didn't think I would be by the time she graduated and moved away. I suppose I was right there,except that she lingered a year and a half after graduation.)

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Extroverts... because I do enough thinking and moping about for the both of us. They bring me out of my shell... and remind me that there is another way of life. Ying to my yang. Introverts are awesome too... but I just think it gets a bit intense.

    I'm currently atracted to an ENFP.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Extreme extrovertes really grate on me. A lot of them really don't get introverts and how we think and prefer to interact, and I've had far too many try and goad me into uninteresting conversation or talk at me. Extreme introverts (of which I'd probably consider myself) can sometimes have this tendency to expect everyone else to carry and initiate conversations. There have been some instances where I've been around them and they almost have this expectant air about them, wanting me to say or do something to break the silence.

    It's nice to find a good balance in someone who won't talk at you and respects your needs for alone time and privacy, but isn't a total avoidant.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I'm more interested in introverts.

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