[INTP] How would you react to getting bullied?

How would you react to getting bullied?

View Poll Results: How would you react to getting bullied? Be honest.

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  • Fight back directly if I wasn't totally outmatched/outnumbered.

    14 48.28%
  • Tell someone or report to the authorities.

    2 6.90%
  • Take it.

    3 10.34%
  • Other (if you chose this, specify what you'd do).

    10 34.48%
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This is a discussion on How would you react to getting bullied? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I'm not getting bullied. This is just out of curiosity....

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    How would you react to getting bullied?

    I'm not getting bullied. This is just out of curiosity.

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    What kind of bullying? I think the response would vary depending on the kind we're talking about here.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    First, Other: do what I could to avoid it.
    Second: take it
    Third: report it
    Fourth: KILL
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Fight back directly if I was totally outmatched/outnumbered.

    rage, pout, then turn into a fapping session...

    channeling those universal emotions of wuv into power to the beat of my own... ahem... drum.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I don't react well to bullying anymore. I am very patient, but if I detect that a person is insisting beyond that, they have two strikes of warning. Then I start defending myself, and it wouldn't be pretty. So it makes it a three strikes thing I guess.

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    I've never been bullied (or at least I have not noticed), so I don't know what I'd do in the spur of the moment, plus it depends on the situation.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I try not to fight anymore after my 3rd battery charge. I've probably been in somewhere around 50 fights since high school. Was 5'8 170 when I graduated high school. I'm 6' 250, and fairly athletic now. I play rugby and train for amateur boxing/mma. I've had to learn not to hit people although I think people wouldn't talk so much shit if they weren't counting on people not doing anything because of the law. I've always been a target for drunk asshole's at bars and parties for some reason. Probably because I'm quiet, but they always say watch out for the quiet ones. I also always loose the shit talking game so I resort to fighting to win. Also never lost a fight but I'm very good at knowing when to stfu and walk away. I slapped a guy in the back of his head last night on my way out of the bar for hitting on my girlfriend consistently every time I took my eyes off her. She complained to me about him. He was at a table with a couple of dudes and when they looked at me crazy I waved for them to follow me out and the just sat there.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    take it, get abused for a while, then snap or just realize that I could leave or tell someone about it.
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    If the person was my size, I'd push back and try settling it on the spot. If it was a misunderstanding I'd like to sort it out with words, if he's just being a cunt then I'd hit back.

    If I the guy was much taller/bulkier or I was outnumbered, I'd walk away and report it.

    And if I was outnumbered/outmatched AND reporting didn't work, I'd rant on reddit and perc for a week before cracking their skulls with a hatchet.
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    I used to express how brave they were, how cool they were, how awesome it was that they needed to abuse for feeling better and how great it was that they could do that, how smart they must be to take out a single easy target... etc etc... ; Think they lost the fun in it fast.
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