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Girly female INTP's?

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This is a discussion on Girly female INTP's? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I'm fairly girly. I like things that are tiny and cute, and I like to dress in ways that are ...

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    I'm fairly girly. I like things that are tiny and cute, and I like to dress in ways that are deemed "cute". However, none of this is ever at the expense of comfort or practicality. For example, I never wear high-heels. That in of itself may be seen as less traditionally feminine since us women are expected to endure a certain level of discomfort for our looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesolateIridescence View Post
    So am I the only female INTP who feels really, really girly? I know a trait of ours is supposed to be gender neutrality. It's not that I am girly because I respect gender roles, but it's just how I feel. Kind of like a gay man feels, I'd presume. And my rationality does get in the way of it sometimes (I don't need to waste money on more shoes; appearances are stupid & don't matter; I'm just a victim of marketing & our materialistic culture), but underneath it's still there (OMG SHOES!!!) ...and if I have to hang out with guys with no girly companionship for a while, I go crazy! However, making friends with girls is a whole other issue...for some reason it's never been easy for me, & lately I find myself making friends with guys much more easily. I also seem to usually connect with guys more on an intellectual level than with girls (no offense, ladies...), although obviously not on this "girly" level. Which is why I'm going crazy. Thoughts?
    I can be really girly and feminine of I want to. And of course wanted to buy shoes or more clothes. But before doing so, I'd think first because I work at home, I don't go out that much . ( only 2x a month to buy supplies and go grocery shopping). So I won't really need more clothes or shoes. More clothes means more laundry.However I would love to collect shoes someday, If I have the space for it. I'm also a make up artist, but I don't wear make up at all since again, I work at home. I think it depends on your line of work or lifestyle. I giggle when I see my crushes or see something that is really cute to me. My family is conservative so I am very feminine at my parents house, it's not because they would be upset If i don't act like a lady, but they raised me in a way to become a proper lady and i respect that. On the other hand, I live alone now so I can do whatever I want. It depends on the place , event or situations. We are tagged as chameleons, after all.

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    I definitely lean towards the feminine side of things. The expectation society puts on females are some of the reasons why I'm not a cookiecutter NT type, or I don't come across like that from the get-go. A type can be gender neutral, but in general, there are higher recorded statistics for females being Fs. I don't particularly like clothing shopping/fashion so I'm not into stereotypical girly things. I do try to look deccent, but I dislike clothes shopping. It's my personality more than interests that goes into feminine territory.

    I'm not outright tomboyish either, as in I'm not into sports, am not very athletic, have always sucked at them, and tend to be more timid and agreeable. I do have many male friends though and get along well with them. I do like to pick things apart, analyze, and while I like people, but am limited with my peopling needs. Females are often expected to say yes, be polite, and be agreeable so those qualities carried over to my personality. In this day in age, there are people who go against the grain of gender expectations, but there is a lot of middle ground between feminine and masculine.

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    I think I am "girly" physically/appearance-wise. I use make-up, style my hair, try to dress well (or at least some people around me seem to think so, although I don't know how accurate their judgement is) but then again, regarding mannerism, people have called me "masculine" because I am independent, drop my friends to their bus stops at night, prefer alone time, a bit distant (emotionally), do not indulge in celebrity gossip etc. which is a bit fucked up because I feel like you don't have to be a male to have these qualities. you can still be an independent, brooding (lol) female. to not complicate things, I think I have physically what people would call "feminine" characteristics and behaviourally "masculine" characteristics

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