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Do you smoke?

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This is a discussion on Do you smoke? within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Do you think INTPs would be less or more likely to smoke? I don't think INTPs are more or less ...

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    Do you think INTPs would be less or more likely to smoke?
    I don't think INTPs are more or less likely to smoke, but I do think that if one did choose to smoke, it would be in full awareness of the costs and they wouldn't care.

    If you do smoke, could you explain why?
    I don't smoke. My lungs barely function as it is.

    If you don't smoke, how do you feel or think about smokers and smoking?
    I generally don't care until I smell it. I'm extremely sensitive to it so when exposed I have asthma attacks and post-exposure I can expect migraines. Please don't bring that stuff near me.

    Anyone, how do you feel about tobacco tax increases without an increase in alcohol tax?
    Don't care.
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    I’ve only smoked about 10 cigarettes in my entire life out of sheer curiosity (mostly during my late teens and my early twenties). I quickly came to the conclusion that smoking is utterly foolish because:

    • Economically speaking, it’s a pointless waste of one’s hard-earned money. It pretty much amounts to burning your own cash.
    • It might dangerously undermine one’s own health.

    Therefore, from a purely pragmatic perspective, it’s not the wise thing to do.
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    I do smoke, have on and off (mostly on) since i was 14? I am fully aware of all the downsides, yet i do it anyway.
    I guess there's still that romanticized memory of sitting in a greasy spoon. Smoking and drinking coffee, Reading books people left in booths for years. Even thought i know the memory is mostly false and serves mainly to allow myself to continue smoking.

    I don't know if INTP's are more likely to smoke. I do know i've kinda forgotten i quit a few times.

    Last time i quit, i made it eight months. Switch to vaping for two weeks to get over the hump. That stupid thing annoyed me so badly i just used it less and less. After a couple weeks i threw it away. Than i went to the cabin and was like "You can have one pack. don't you want to sit by the creek with a smoke and some coffee. Read your book?" It was only one pack in ten days, that couldn't possibly be a bad idea right.

    Yes i think alcohol should be taxed like cigarettes. But i also think pot should be legal and taxed to high heaven.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Do you think INTPs would be less or more likely to smoke?

    I would say more likely-It is a way to ease tension without having to deal with people, or go somewhere/do something that requires energy.
    If you do smoke, could you explain why?

    I quit smoking cigarettes almost 4 years ago. I have an e-cig that I use occasionally. Works great in dealing with stress when I don't have the time to exercise (I know-ironic).

    If you don't smoke, how do you feel or think about smokers and smoking?

    I don't like the smell of cigarettes anymore, but being around smokers doesn't really bother me. To each their own.

    Anyone, how do you feel about tobacco tax increases without an increase in alcohol tax?

    I don't really care to comment on the last question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Demiurge View Post
    I don't know if this is accurate, but if it is, INTPs are the type most likely to smoke.

    I don't. My mom was a smoker until I was about 12. She quit, and even though in just about every other aspect of life she was about as lenient as moms come, she was absolutely adamant I don't start smoking. Important, since I was surrounded by smokers all day.

    I have no ill will towards smokers, but I don't think it's a particularly intelligent habit to pick up, given that it's both a steady drain on your finances and likely to end with massive health problems. I don't care if you do it, though. It's your life.

    I have no opinion on tobacco or alcohol taxes.
    That's funny considering your icon.
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    No, and I don't care whether someone smokes as long as they don't do it in my face. And if a very close one was a smoker, I'd get them to quit.
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    I tried smoking once - asked my sister for a drag, out of curiosity. I was about 14. Promptly threw up. Didn't try again.

    I prefer to not be around cigarette smokers - can't stand the smell. Same with marijuana. They nauseate me. I do love the smell of cigars and pipes, though. Mostly I think it's up to them. I can't see the appeal, but I would assume there is one.

    There was someone vaping on the bus the other day. I nearly had to get off - too sickly and powerful a smell.
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    I smoke because 'fuck this, she broke my heart'.

    I'm still convinced I can quit any time I like.

    I had some kind of cold/flu virus last week, was really sick and hardly smoked at all. Didn't feel any withdrawal or desire to have a quick burn. I literally still think I smoke 'to pass the time' (I'm a student now, a lot of waiting around on campus and stuff).

    When busy I can go without a cigarette easily. I mean, I only have 2 or 3 a day anyway.

    But yes, at the moment I do smoke.

    A while ago I bought two cheap multipacks of cigarettes from a Chinese guy, about 40 packs altogether so 800 cigs overall. I have about 7 packs left. Once they're gone, I won't buy any more. Trying to save money for a start.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadmanrising View Post
    That's funny considering your icon.
    Smoking does have one advantage, as reflected in my avatar: it makes you look cool.

    My aversion to cancer means I can never be cool.
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    Do you think INTPs would be less or more likely to smoke?

    Not sure, maybe somewhat less likely because they tend to be more independent in their thought, less prone to peer pressure. They aren't going to smoke just because other people are.

    Also INTPs, can see the logical, long-term consequences of their actions. Smoking may be pleasureable now but it could cause bad health effects down the road.

    If you don't smoke, how do you feel or think about smokers and smoking?
    I've never smoked and never will. For me, reading about the all of the bad health effects of smoking was enough to not get to do it. The short-term pleasures are not worth the potentially bad consequences in the long run. Also, smoking is an expensive habit.

    Regarding smokers, I separate the habit from the person. Being a smoker does not make one a bad person even if I don't approve of the habit.

    I perceive the smoking habit as rather weak-willed, perhaps a quick fix to ease anxiety, feel more comfortable socially, etc.

    I sometimes find smokers to be rather inconsiderate of nonsmokers in that nonsmokers end up unintentionally breathing the fumes from cigarettes. The smell of smokers can be rather unpleasant and it's known that secondhand smoke is harmful to one's health.

    Anyone, how do you feel about tobacco tax increases without an increase in alcohol tax?
    They should be consistent. Either raise both, or raise neither. I don't have any particularly strong opinions as to whether or not the tax should be raised. Part of me wants to avoid raising taxes in general, the other part thinks raising taxes might be good as it may give people more of an incentive to smoke or drink less.
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