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This is a discussion on Shit INTPs Say within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; *Clear throat, push my glasses back* Professor voice : Well, actually, no... [very long theory with super specific terms nobody ...

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    *Clear throat, push my glasses back* Professor voice: Well, actually, no... [very long theory with super specific terms nobody understands nor care about]

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    "... what? Oh!"

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    "this would be a lot easier if you didn't have tunnel vision."
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    hm.. Maybe *stares off into distance"
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    "Relatively speaking."

    "But what about-" proceeds to provide flaws and counterexamples for all possible solutions without offering anything beneficial in return.
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    I'll do that tomorrow.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    "I spaced."
    "Thats wrong, here is why."
    "Dude, really?"
    "You cant honestly believe that."
    "DUDE! Check this/Did you read, hear, see?"
    "What day is it again?"
    *deep sigh*
    "Why cant i get this?"
    "X Speaking."
    "Objectively wrong."
    "Its a really wide net of information that i call the PsychoInformatiks. Its a knowledge base that i constructed subconsciously with all ive read, saw, classes i took, and experienced. It works on its own and filters information and stores and catalogues it. I think it runs on an OSPF protocol. I only access it when i have to explain a deeper/complex topic. And in that instance the Agent of the PI net talks for me; i believe her name is Audrey. The rest of day to day talking is automated by another agent not affiliated with PI. So, when you are talking to me, im not there, unless its a complex topic in which case both Audrey and I are present. Occasionally ill have to walk the halls of PI to get a blast of information. It can be trained to do anything provided the data samples are long and consistent."
    "Yeah... i guess, maybe."
    "Definitely maybe."
    "On the other hand."
    "I would prefer to not."
    "Fucking normies."
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    My intp-ish (?) friend says "degenerates" sometimes... I think it's funny.
    Me- yeah. Uh-huh. Right! of course. I totally get it (but I'm not listening.....)
    People will know if I like them and am listening to them if I (well-meaningly but probably annoyingly) argue or bring up past points in their speech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaudris View Post
    "Yeah, yeah...I won't forget."

    "Not necessarily..."

    "Wouldn't it be hilarious if..."
    "I didn't sleep...Again."
    "People are terrifying."
    "Humans are so interesting!"
    "That's stupid. That makes literally no sense."
    "Sorry, bad at emotional stuff."
    "What are you looking at me for? I have zero sympathy for you."

    "Actually I would say that to your face. You're just not in front of me."

    Also...as stated before :

    "I thought that was obvious."
    "I'm not sure how else I'm supposed to explain this..."
    "That's hilarious!" -Completely neutral expression, with full meaning. No sarcasm at all.-

    ...I'm also told I have a horrible tendency to 'underreact'.

    Was this what you wanted?
    All of the above! Especially "I thought that was obvious." .. I have that atleast 10 times a day.

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    "Just Kidding"
    "Mother fucker how does that make any sense?"
    "Do what you want to do"
    "Oh fuck im retarded"
    "I will do it later"
    "i'm not lazy.."
    "I just forgot"
    "I think..."
    "Well at least"
    "on the bright side"
    "Thats not true"
    "I might be wrong"

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