Confessions of an INTP

Confessions of an INTP

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This is a discussion on Confessions of an INTP within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hey guys. I'm Mavelyn. I'm an INTP and a 8w9. I'm 17 and currently live with my best friend (an ...

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    Confessions of an INTP

    Hey guys. I'm Mavelyn. I'm an INTP and a 8w9. I'm 17 and currently live with my best friend (an ESFJ). I'm dating a ENTP.

    So I've never been the typical geeky INTP. Yes, I have a high GPA and could recite the Hunger Games word for word, but I don't spend time calculating the percentage of how much bigger the TARDIS is on the inside or whatever. I don't do work in my spare time (I usually play video games) but can be found often debating my INTJ neighbor or lost in some complicated thought.

    I have depression and had struggled with self harm in my early teen years, but all I really need now is a mood stabilizer or something, that I take at night. I've always been very dark, "think about death so much it feels just like a memory" I think about how it feels for everything to be... gone.

    I joined this site because I want to get a better understanding about my type. People perceive my Ixxx aspect as moody or antisocial, and see my xxTx as cold. People who know MBTI consider INTP's the nerdy, geeky guys doing calculus in their free time. I want to find the genuine meaning behind INTP (I think it's kind of rare) and understand myself better. I've really only known myself for 17 years!

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    I don't think anyone worth their salt would conclude that all INTPs have to all fit into a narrow archetype of interests and outlooks (or make similar assumptions for any type). Every human is a culmination of similarities and differences, and I wish you the best of luck in discerning your sympathies and idiosyncrasies with others of your type as well as those of other types.

    Nice avatar, by the way.

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    This might sound crazy to an INTP but have you tried communicating with your inner voices like how a compassionate friend would if they fully understood what you were going through?

    You my find something surprising in their response. The hard part is to accept their response with empathy and understanding in a genuine way. You also have to be mindful of your own subconscious resistance.

    I think the problem is you dwell too much on the rational side and never really formed a deep compassionate connection with your softer soulful side; a sign of retaliation. You are not alone as I have struggled with depression in the past.

    We tend to not see or forget the deeper side of ourselves and when it retaliates they would turn to distractions (such as alcohol, drugs, entertainment, etc.) to forget or numb themselves, oblivious to a brewing unforeseen storm that is about to wreak havoc.

    Spend more time talking to those dark thoughts and over time the storm will start to slowly quell. Do this long enough, to a point where your inner world becomes a compassionate friend, you may just find yourself in a peaceful place every time you turn inwards.

    It takes a lot of effort, courage, and commitment to reach that place. I hope you will find it some day.

    All the best.

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    When you read a majority of the profiles on INTPs (and other types), you're reading narrow stereotypical descriptions. Each person is a unique combination of not only inherent personality, but also the culmination of life experiences and environment, etc. How boring would the world be if every person fit into the box of their type!

    I do not fit into the stereotype either in some areas. I'm smart, but not brilliant. I don't math well. I like the beauty of math, but I can't do it. I am much more language oriented. I lean heavily towards social sciences in my interests, and I teach preschool. But I am a 5w4 INTP, and when I factor in my e-type with my MBTI...I have a clearer picture of myself.


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    as everyone is saying, a type is just a preference for thinking in most situations
    people of the same type will share similarities, and may reach the same thoughts, but even then act differently >.<
    most stuff needs a pinch of salt with it =P

    your best bet is to go to the intp section, and interact there, itll be easier to get an insight into the intp by observing them in their natural habitat =3

    and i second the motion that your avi is amazing >^..^<

    anyway, make sure you take a good look around the forum, and dont be afraid to join anything that seems interesting

    hope to see you about ^.^

    p.s. feel free to send me a message if you need any help =3


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