I'm late but hey!

I'm late but hey!

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This is a discussion on I'm late but hey! within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; WOW LOOK AT ME A typical ENTP, procrastinating even my introduction At least, I'm pretty sure I'm an ENTP. I ...

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    I'm late but hey!

    A typical ENTP, procrastinating even my introduction
    At least, I'm pretty sure I'm an ENTP. I guess I'm here to figure that out. I'm 93% sure I'm an ENTP, but I also have a very strong use of Se. If anyone wants to help me figure out if I'm an ENTP or an ESTP, it would be greatly appreciated. Also help with my Enneagram would be awesome! I'm pretty sure I'm a 8w7, 4w3 or 3w4. Ofc, 4w3 ENTPs are taboo though.
    Anyways, I am new to this community but I'm not new to the idea of MBTI. I have been leisurely studying it for a year or two now. I hope to make friends here and to be an active and helpful part of this site!!!
    Again, if anyone wants to help me with my type, feel free to ask lots of questions!

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