A strange Enfps brief life story

A strange Enfps brief life story

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This is a discussion on A strange Enfps brief life story within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I suppose i should start with intro , i am mugruber and i am strange... pretty redundent aye ? I ...

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    A strange Enfps brief life story

    I suppose i should start with intro , i am mugruber and i am strange... pretty redundent aye ?
    I guess the best place to start is from the beginning when i was 2years old i began figure skating ,and doing ballet tap a jazz . by the time i was 9 the girls in ballet turned really mean and i stopped. i continued skating and doing gymnastics /snow skiing . when i was 12 i stopped gymnastics.i did though,continue skating. i was how do we put it... ostracized for being a male skater,also didn't help that i use to bring in dead animals that i skinned into the rink and show em off.I ended up getting the nickname " wild child " ,"Tasmanian devil on ice "... around 14 i started ballroom dancing and ice dancing which was a change for me.as i was use to freestyle skating. i did this till the time i was 18 . then i started learning how to cnc machine things as i like building things. this is a back track in time, but when i was 16 i blew the basement up and some how made chlorine gas in the basement simultaneously . apparently putting a current though metal which is " zinc " coated is bad recipe especially when you forget its on and you have it next to the water heater... and the next thing you know " boom " and the drywall is all over the floor . I also made a Moped at this time and when it snowed out side side i grabbed my webcam drug it up to the roof and started recording. then i spent a good 30minutes lugging my moped onto the roof then drove around on a live stream for shits & giggles on our roof at about 16-20mph. If i may say don't try it..especially with snow.then a year later my mom through a rod in her car and it sat in our drive for a year ,as i convinced her to let me take it apparent.Which i did in the following spring.If i may say i think everyone should take a car apart once in their lives as it allows you to see how it was made, and how it works . at a minimum you will learn how to use an impact wrench, and or a wrench.which god knows people seem like they can't handle even that any more.but i digress. The reason i was learning cnc was that i like building shit i really do, then i realized after doing that for few months that building stuff,for other people was mind numbingly repetitive.Then i said okay lets try welding , learned how to stick weld,mig then tig. by far the most useful thing i have learned yet in my life.well.. besides knowing how to use a hammer (joke)ah i forgot when i was 12 i planted 2,000 red cedars around the perimeter of our yard ,as i hated the neighbors and i enjoy privacy . I also planted ~20 bradfordpear trees, 30 or so ash, 35 red maples, a ton of white pine. The reason i mention this is that there is something to be said about being able to walk out side and not see people,but only trees and birds and listen to the wind gush though them.At this point in time i had a garden going ,and still do its about 10,000ft garden pretty boring interestingly enough the thing i hate about the garden is picking vegetables as its so time consuming.at around 22 i started to attend college where i am still at currently . When i enrolled
    the counselors asked me what i was going for a degree and i said " i am just going to take classes that interest me ,and when im done i will have degree "They said that wasn't an exceptable answer.I just smiled and said,watch me. and left. I signed up for some classed took them, then i signed up to take more, and they put a hold on my account because i didn't declare a degree, i talked the dean and she said if you want waste your money have at it. So far i have taken the majority of the cad class's ,and English some technical writing, math ,and history. I have 54 credits so far , and 2 partial degrees, " cad " & " pre engineering " . I have learned that with me i don't follow societies rules .i create my own and live by it.i start little wars over stupid shit that no one cares about but me.and im fine with that. I.e My cal teacher graded my homework,i did one section in pen because it pissed me off and by doing it in pen it made me concentrate more . well he took 75% off for it. since then i have waged war. I got 11x17 paper out, Colored paper, and Colored pencils bby . i have been going at it for 4weeks now. Am proud that he has now had to amend his syllabus several times over it.
    why i think im a strange enfp is for one I have never been on date ,even though im 23 ish .i would say the big reason is i am Notoriously picky.I like what i like and refuse to settle even if this means dying alone.I have convinced my self the only people i enjoy the company of are the the Intjs firstly then secondly the Intps.Everyone else just annoys me to no end. For a matter of fact I absolutely cannot stand most enfps whom i know in real life.They just drive me up the wall, they are always doing some stupid emotional garbly goo I.e " omg its so pretty "- me why? " its so pretty "- face desk.
    I tend to spend my days learning cal for college,i think the reason i like math is that there are more problems for me to solve than i will ever be able to.
    When it comes to " organizing " i am not . i know this;but ironically i know where my shit is..that is till some one moves something on my desk then i don't . I enjoy the chaos i honestly work better with a huge mess of dishes stacked in a pyramid leading upto my screen with plates balanced precariously ontop of the monitor . This, this makes me happy.
    I enjoy using cad, but only if i use Solidworks. I find people are often helpless on the most stupidest things . I.e today some one asked me to " fix there backpack " as they couldn't figure out how to adjust the straps . I am not sure if society is becoming more reliant on their phones to do everything for them or if they are just dump or to lazy to do things themselves.

    Its kind of sad that most people don't know how to ballroom dance or skate.And the fact they lack the appreciation for classical or ballroom music.
    I'v noticed that people will usally within 5minutes of so of talking with me go "your crazy"I am not , Just essentric and do dumb things on purpose because i know they are dumb.
    If some one wants to irritate me ask me for help with out trying to solve it yourself first. I am amazed at how many people don't "google" there questions first.
    You know your pretty antisocial when you'd rather fix some miserable mechanical issue than talk to some one.
    I Cannot stand reading.But love books ,that is if they are read to me. If it is an audio book you will have a hard time stopping the machine from renting every book in the library and listening to it.
    when it comes to music, my mom use to put bach & Mozart on before i went to bed on a double sided casset that would flip and keep playing . I could not stand bach, i think that was the reason i strayed from classical music for a while. I learned that i loved listening to " cellos , violins and pianos " and nothing else when it came to terms of classical music. I moved up to " alternative rock" and found " gregg alexander & denise bisboi " then followed a on a trip of the 60's erra music i.e tempations and elvis . then it occurred to me that music and songs were different .listening to a song took something out from you. it made you follow its music in a premeditated way and didn't allow for your own opinion. so i went back to classical ,Chopin and Mozart are now my cup of tea . It doesn't make me tired or leave words in my mind .
    I enjoy the hum of people around me, but i have no intentions on talking to any of them.For a matter of fact it takes me a few weeks before i notice someone and am even remotely whiling to talk to them.As the majority of people irk me .
    Now another strange thing is i like reading the encyclopedia , so many interesting words are hidden in there just waiting to be found. Ironically my writing does not reflect this. I will say though if you ever do try to read the encyclopedia make it a game . Scratch out words you'v read . this way you can jump around the book and not re-read the words again. and is also an interesting way of keeping track of what you have done.

    When it comes to animals i have allays preferred the company of cats more so than dogs, as they aren't needy & tend to be quite.

    I drive a 1997 toyota Camry that i paid 1,500$ for that had 150k miles on it . it now has around 230k . I think buying new cars is a waste of money unless you are buying an all electric car i.e Tesla.

    I wish i was actually into something,such as my friends ( i have 3,so yes i can use the plural) all of which i would die for, i would pay to die instead of them actually. anyway one is into spacex and the other is into coding and the 3rd well is going to be a dentist!?

    As far as what enfp stands for or what the majority do , i am unsure i actually fit in .
    I don't like people.Am antisocial(which is strange because i figure skate and you have to skate infront of a ton of people ) am also possibly an arrogant narcissistic asshole,I don't enjoy dressing up ,unless that means i get to wear a suite,i don't get the hole " stuffed animal thing" that alot of people seem to be into. i do feed off of other peoples energy ...in all honesty i leach off the rooms energy if its peppy and raring to go,so am i & vise versa. I do think about abstract things such as how we were created,what is the meaning of life, does life even mater,can we build an engine that will runs in mars atmosphere? sometimes i can think deeply enough to where everything turns into a blurr and i tone everyone out.

    I happen to know my mom is istj and my dad is an enfp
    how they got it to work is beyond me .

    If you think im a different personality type feel free to comment. you can basically say anything to me and i wont be offended or post your own little summary .
    I often wonder if its possible that i am a weird mix of i/e n& tj /fp

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