So, yeah. My parents are cult leaders.

So, yeah. My parents are cult leaders.

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This is a discussion on So, yeah. My parents are cult leaders. within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; The title pretty much explains a very strange part of my life. Thankfully, I no longer live with my crazy ...

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    So, yeah. My parents are cult leaders.

    The title pretty much explains a very strange part of my life. Thankfully, I no longer live with my crazy Pentecostal parents.

    I am an INFP who loves art, music, and poetry. I guess you could say I am your typical INFP. But at the same time, I feel that I could very easily be typed as an INTP, since I can come across as having no heart at times (the truth is, I simply don't tolerate bullshit).

    Goth music is a favorite of mine, but I also enjoy jazz, classical, and trance. I don't watch a lot of movies since I am probably ADD and have no attention span (and no trust in what other people tell me is a "good" movie). However, I do like silent films and older horror movies since the dark entrances me. David Lynch produced some great works during the sixties and seventies.

    I am a vegetarian who loves junk food. Lately, I have been trying to incorporate smoothies and salads into my diet. Spinach isn't at all bad, but kale is downright disgusting (sorry, Instagrammers).

    I have two half-siblings who could give a shit about me and are much older, so I am basically an only child. I always wanted a sibling I could grow up with.

    It is a fact that I tend to prefer meeting people over the internet than in person; most all the people I meet irl are only interested in bars and clubs, lacking actual substance and intrigue.

    I am happily engaged and live in the state of New York. My dream is to be a successful supermodel/artist who has the means to help as many underpriveleged children and young adults feasible.

    If you would like to try the friendship thing with me, simply send over a message. I am quite the lonely individual.

    Oh, and... yes, I love possums and pringles.
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    Hello nice to meet you! Interesting story there. I'm INFP too! Don't be alarmed by my name or pics, its for Halloween.
    I'll be your friend! :)

    I also like gothic music. Well gothic techno anyway. And techno, classical etc. A bit of everything.
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    Would you take me in if I got kicked out and decided to move to new York to start from the bottom but didn't want to live on the streets?

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    lol, I would have to get to know you and actually have a place that would properly accommodate you in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PossumPringles View Post
    lol, I would have to get to know you and actually have a place that would properly accommodate you in the first place.
    Ok just wondering. That's how I judge the character of people considering I've walked the streets in the rain, up hills, alone and thirsty/hungry without a soul stopping for help. And felt a lot of disgust at their laziness as they drive these big ass vehicles polluting the streets I was forced to "live" on. Imagine if the streets were my house and everybody was invited in and they just polluted, didn't help me clean up, was deliberately rude/mean to me, then went inside there little fucking private houses with their millions of showers and cell phones and vehicles parked outside all personalized to themself with stickers on them saying "private" "do not touch" "camera surveillance" "protected by X security"

    It's literally like being stranded at sea surrounded by salty water that you can't drink. Except it's on land, being surrounded by so-called humans.

    So I judge someone based on whether or not they fucking care about people enough to not be lazy, rude, or whatever else highly negative emotion they had as they lived their lives privately while neglecting people, the planet, and the future.

    They think they own that shit, when in reality the government does. They don't own anything because everything they did own they traded to the government. Their faith, their hope, their liberty, their freedom, their hearts. For what? Security? Or the illusion of security? Lol I could have broken in and used their shower, despite those cameras or stickers. And I would have walked away after sending a message that all i did was make sure I didn't stink up "their" world. Hey, they don't want me to stink right? Then don't complain when I get clean. Assholes.

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    Except they do want me to stink just to make themselves look better. Lol as if they would stop being ugly just because of whatever happens to me? Lol ok.

    Rant over.

    I love Pringles. You should make an avatar of an opossum reaching into a Pringles container. :p

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    I am intrigued. What crazy things did your parents exactly do?

    Mine were non-religious, but I discovered Christianity at 8 and became quite fascinated with it, which lasted until age 15. I still deeply respect many aspects of the Christian way of life.


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