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This is a discussion on Intro . . . within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello, I am ______ alias Karsh, I wasn't completely sure of my type I took many tests even one with ...

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    Intro . . .

    Hello, I am ______ alias Karsh, I wasn't completely sure of my type I took many tests even one with 120 questions and then when I went to the finding out type section of the forum I tried answering it opposite of what I see myself and got ENFP. the shadow is ISTJ which is what I came up with more times I think I got ISFJ one time but that's because I've come to realize that as the eldest in my family and knowing that some of my family might be different because of the personality types I've read I've been trying to say positive affirmations to them and be more "touchy feely" as some would call it.

    All in all though I believe ISTJ is what I will stick with. So after a brief monologue, I am Karsh and I am an ISTJ.

    Yes, I do feel like erasing the first paragraph for some reason.
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    Welcome to PersonalityCafe!

    *You are hearing a robotic sounding voice coming towards you*

    Greetings Karsh and welcome to PersonalityCafe!! My name is Mr. CafeBot. I am here to personally greet you and thank you for joining our humble little forum. No matter your type, you will surely experience a wonderful time with the members of this forum. We cater to all personality types so you will never feel alone or weird. Truth is this forum is full of weirdos!! Pleazeee hel.... *Ahem*I mean we have the nicest people you will ever meet. :)

    If you need basic forum information our newbie guide link is here...

    To keep the forum entertaining and safe, our forum rules link is here...

    If you need any help or have any suggestions, please let us know here...

    We will always be glad to help you!

    Again, welcome to our forum Karsh. We hope that your experience with us is tremendously benevolent!


    Please tip me 1 gold. I need to buy more coffee! @[email protected]

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    I read some newbie tips which says I should say a bit more about my self . . . I like chicken!!!

    Yes, that's my way of escaping.
    (Deal or No Deal) <---- this is an actual joke.
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    Welcome to the cafe!
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    Hey Karsh! Welcome to PC!
    *hugs Karsh* :)
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    Hey Karsh!! Awesome intro!

    (I like chicken too!!)
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    Welcome Karsh!
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum.
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