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This is a discussion on Hello Personality Cafe :D :D within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Greetings Folks , My name is Nicky ( 18 m U.A.E ) and I live back In Dubai ( Yes ...

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    Hello Personality Cafe :D :D

    Greetings Folks ,

    My name is Nicky ( 18 m U.A.E ) and I live back In Dubai ( Yes the Town with the world's longest building ) . I have joined this forums , to meet new and interesting people . I think a lot , I write poems to express my self !A little lot to complicated for my age .

    was just wondering any other poets or artist in here ?

    Do keep in touch :D


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    Greetings Nicky!

    Welcome to personalitycafe! Thank you very much for joining us. My mother went on vacation in the U.A.E and has been to Dubai two years ago. She told me that the buildings there were so unique and the "Palm Island" was one of the most beautiful man made structure she has ever seen. Dubai is probably home to some of the most creative people on earth and the most daring.

    Anyways you will meet numerous poets in here as well as artist. Hope you have fun with our forums and send us pictures of Dubai's buildings. I know for a fact that they keep building some of the most beautiful architectures.


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    Yerp Dubai , The Sky Scraper City ! They are planning to build a 1 Kilo meter long building here ! Any where and everywhere out in U.A.E all , you see is Under Construction Buildings with lot of Cranes .

    Looking forward to meet some really interesting people here !

    Yes , I ll post them ! But which category do I post them under ?

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    You can post them in General Chat. :)

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    Done ! Can I post more of such Dubai Dubai Buildings ?
    Even cooler & meaner ones ? There is just so much to post about dubai Buildings!

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    Ya sure! Why not? Go for it.

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    Ah kewl i ll do that :D

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Hi, welcome in to the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilyface View Post
    Hi, welcome in to the forums.

    Hi, welcome. :)

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