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This is a discussion on Before you came to PerC... within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; 1. Before you came to this 'ere site - Were you happy with your life? Did you think you were ...

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    1. Before you came to this 'ere site - Were you happy with your life? Did you think you were happy, but on reflection, probably weren't? Where would you be now if you hadn't discovered MBTI?

    I'm always content with myself, i would be in the same place if i wouldn't have discovered MBTI. Not sure what you smokin but MBTI is not some door to another universe where i can suddenly becoma rocket scientist.

    2. What have you gained through discovering your type (and MBTI)?

    Gained a new interest, something interesting to read about. Another thing i discovered was that everyone wants to be labeled as some type to feel special and different, the truth is that everyone at their core is pretty much the same, thus average, some think of art as a picture and some think of art as something with deeper meaning, that's about it.

    3. What is the single most important thing you have learned through your experience with MTBI and PerC?

    People are love labels

    4. Is there any negative you have gained through discovering MBTI?

    No negatives

    5. Can you give any examples of how you have handled a situation differently now that you are more aware of your behaviours etc?

    Sure. At one point i wanted to kick a person in the face but i caught myself, i am a damn intuitive, this is so sensor like so instead i decided to cause significant psychological damage to the person. Thank you MBTI.

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