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This is a discussion on (ENFP) Career Direction within the Intro forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Originally Posted by GrantD Wow, our superiors are very similar. She is an ESTJ. I am looking forward to the ...

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    (ENFP) Career Direction

    Quote Originally Posted by GrantD View Post
    Wow, our superiors are very similar. She is an ESTJ. I am looking forward to the point that I will be able to handle the planning and consulting side completely on my own. There is a lot more to learn than I thought with all of the products, systems, etc. Are you at a "wire house" or do you work at a bank where you have leads to call on? I've looked into Edward Jones type of places since there is a lot of flexibility and more of a push to build your business faster, however it is much riskier starting out. How have you built your book of business up? Did you have to make tons of cold calls to build your business? I have a decent amount of contact in my city, but I don't know if I have enough to make it starting out at a wire house type of firm.
    All prospecting is done on my own, whether it's cold calling, canvassing, roadshows, etc. I also work with warm contacts and asking for referrals but as you know for ENFPs that can be a little uncomfortable if you do not have full confidence in your planning or purpose of your business yet. There is no doubt that this is going to be a very tough job. It will require that you use all of your brain and body, but it will reward you and challenge you mentally, emotionally and monetarily as well. My main advice with your superior would be to respect her experience, welcome it, and learn/absorb as much as you can right now until the training wheels are off! Don't doubt yourself. You are far more capable than many others at doing well in this field. Your greatest enemy is yourself... Entertaining thoughts of doing something new or more glamorous... That can make you miserable fast. I would also suggest thinking long and hard about your beliefs/ideals, about the purpose of this business for others and yourself and making sure the way you run your business lines up with what's in your heart.

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