ISFJ: Stress Management

ISFJ: Stress Management

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    ISFJ: Stress Management

    Identify the Stressors
    The stressors for ISFJs are combinations of too many opposites and are remarkably akin to the ISTJ Myers Briggs type.

    Too Much:
    Extraversion (excess people contact)
    Intuition (excess conceptualizing/idealism)
    Thinking (excess logical focus for decisions)
    Perceiving (excess spontaneity/change)

    ISFJs can manage stress by identifying those events causing each opposite reality and changing or "re-framing" in some way. Some times nothing can really be changed but just identifying the sources of stress can help manage them....know the enemy and have a good scouting report!

    In The Grip
    The most extreme stress behavior for the ISFJ will be typified by catastrophic, demonstrating impulsive and spontaneous behavior and struggling with the detailed reality of the moment.

    In these moments the inferior psychological function of the ISFJ (Intuition) has been activated in the most negative of circumstances and is trying to solve the crisis. Of course, the prospects of the inferior and extraverted Intuition working well here are practically nil!

    The ISFJ may be experienced at this point by others as:
    Intensely angry
    Rigid in what they are doing
    Very outwardly critical, inwardly as well
    Very pessimistic and negative overall
    Having no control over facts and details

    Getting Back On Track
    In order for the ISFJ to regain composure three things must happen.

    First, they will need to exhaust themselves in this Grip experience, i.e. they must hit bottom.

    Secondly, they need to know that others have understood them and are taking them seriously.

    Thirdly, they must get help in handling what they normally do in a superior fashion , identify details and in the moment practical things.

    In Summary
    Understanding the ISFJ Myers Briggs personality type and how the type dynamics work is the beginning of ISFJ stress management.

    Identifying the potential stressors in the circumstances is also critical. This may range from circumstances causing stress in the workplace to stress within interpersonal relationships.

    Find the opposite situations, too much opposite function activity are strong stressors. Understand the Grip reaction and know that this is the extreme situational reaction.

    Know that too much Grip is very un-healthy in every respect! Use the Grip situation to identify what must be changed. Too much Grip experience can put you in an early grave and that is a scientific fact!

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Thanks. My ISFJ sister is completely in the Grip. It's super fugly

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I think too much E and P are the big stressors for me. Higher levels of N and T don't bother me as much (I'm probably borderline T as it is anyway).

    But yeah, when I hit breaking point I do behave erratic and spontaneous. And not in the somewhat fun "I've going to behave like a party animal for once in my life!" way...
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    Unknown Personality

    Thanks for sharing this Grey. I think I can come up with a list that I had experienced before. I might be sharing it here when I am done.


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