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Managing ISFJ - Being suddently cold

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This is a discussion on Managing ISFJ - Being suddently cold within the ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; About anonymous postbox, the concept is nice but this would not work for us, we are a too small company ...

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    About anonymous postbox, the concept is nice but this would not work for us, we are a too small company and effectively, apart from handwriting, I would know who wrote what just by the communication style.
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    Just my two cents, but I think that reducing his work load / responsibility may make him feel like he's "failed" and that he needs to be better at hiding his true feelings from you... I think the best way to help him is to silently go fix all those organizational issues you say have been piling up. While you're bringing more order to things then also make sure everyone is doing their fair share and not over-burdening the ISFJ. I would try working on keeping people accountable for what they're supposed to do + fixing organizational issues + being on YOUR a-game by being a punctual, responsible, dependable boss etc. (not saying you aren't already) and just observe and see if things get better. Continue to say thank you and show appreciation for the work he and others do. Make sure the ISFJ isn't always the last one out of the office and that you set clear expectations for your employees (SJs will appreciate this). Then give it some time and see if things don't improve. In the end, you're his boss so he probably doesn't want to come to you with stuff he feels like you should've already noticed and handled. If you do all those things above and he's still a grouch then that's on him but at least the work you put in will make your company better and help the others out too by having clear expectations.

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