[ISFJ] Trying to Find out Someone's Type

Trying to Find out Someone's Type

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This is a discussion on Trying to Find out Someone's Type within the ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; I have an older sister who is 23 years old and i have been trying to type her for some ...

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    Trying to Find out Someone's Type

    I have an older sister who is 23 years old and i have been trying to type her for some time.
    Her result was ISFJ and when we read ISFJ description we thought it suited her a lot.
    But then i started searching about cognitive functions and realized that she shows many Fi behaviours.

    She indeed cares about harmony in a group. She always tries to help people and self-sacrificed many times for other people etc. She tries to comfort people. She tries to be adaptable and nice most of the time. From outside she seems like a Fe user. But since i am her sister, i can see other sides of her too.
    Whenever i am unhappy or stressed, she never gets it. She is mostly unaware of my feelings and thoughts. I am also an introvert so maybe i hide my feelings well but she doesnt get feelings or thoughts of my father who is an extrovert most of the time either.

    I said she cared about harmony but i dont think she checks the group's feelings as much. Whenever she argues with me or my father, she never checks how we feel and how she should act. She just blindly dives in to the arguement and thats why arguements with her never ends up well.

    Also for example, there was a girl who was a Fi user in our group. But her morals didnt suit us at all. I managed to communicate with her somehow and tried to understand her way of thinking. I didnt agree with her but i managed to communicate with her well. But my sister didnt try to understand her at all since her way of thinking didnt suit my sister.

    What do you think about her? Can ISFJ's act like this too?

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    The way you explained it sounds Fi. What I've seen Fe users do in the negative sense.. is mix up what's best for them with what's best for the group. Meaning, they'll just try to enforce something in the name of doing it for the group without realizing that all the while it's not really what's best for the group.. it's just their own selfish preference. Fe users will take the "I'm just trying to help you" approach, whether or not what they're trying to do is actually in your best interest. (Although they'll usually think it is). There is a strain of Fe aux that will argue a lot with family and close friends if provoked or feeling threatened, and there is a strain of Fe aux that will just avoid any kind of conflict. Both are prone to passive aggressiveness.


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