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This is a discussion on The ISFJ Interest Thread within the ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; I like: reading theology books. I also like books to learn about other things, like a DK book on the ...

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    I like:

    • reading theology books. I also like books to learn about other things, like a DK book on the history of airplanes and flight or a book on the history of the English language.
    • re-reading certain fiction books every year.
    • nature photography; learning to use my new dslr.
    • driving my car. It took me forever to actually get around to getting a license, but I love it now.
    • listening to music. Every day.
    • really good tv shows and films. I can't make it through most things because the acting/plot/etc is too predictable, not believeable, etc. I especially love scifi. One of my best friends just got me into Hannibal. <3
    • being physically active and feeling healthy. That being said, nothing beats a cold soda on a hot day.
    • learning about other cultures, trying my hand at cooking foreign foods, etc, especially Asian cultures, but I have turned my attention to Europe occasionally.
    • cooking. I'm not much of a baker, but cooking, yes.
    • cosmetics, fashion, etc. I don't put tons of thought into it, but I enjoy doing it and collecting interesting inspirational photos for them.
    • dancing. I took 8 years of ballet, tap, and jazz as a kid, and the love has stayed with me. In my room. By myself. haha
    • having really interesting, deep conversations and getting to know new people. Although I'm so out of practice with actually meeting anyone anymore. Bah. I used to have quite a few penpals.
    • being out in nature. I would like to get into hiking, but I'm a little apprehensive since I would have to do it by myself.

    That's enough for now. :)
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