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This is a discussion on Am I ISFJ or INFJ? within the ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; My results constantly change between ISFJ and INFJ. I used to only get INFJ, but I've recently been getting ISFJ. ...

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    Am I ISFJ or INFJ?

    My results constantly change between ISFJ and INFJ. I used to only get INFJ, but I've recently been getting ISFJ. I've read both of them a lot, and they both sound like me. People change with age, so I've been identifying as ISFJ with this in mind, but the Socionics test keeps telling me that I'm EII, which is associated with INFJ. How do I know for sure?
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    Figure out what your dominant function is.
    For INFJs it's Ni. Ni is very future oriented and tries to figure out how things can turn out. INFJs are usually good at figuring out how other people feel or what they will do. They supress Se. This means that INFJs live in their head and often forget to live in the moment.
    ISFjs use Si. Si is past oriented. It's like an internal database of information which is their primary way of perceiving the world. Because of this they are very loyal to external systems they are already familiar with. They supress Ne. Meaning they have problems perceiving new ideas and concepts in the external world.

    ISFJs are often considered the most common personality type and INFJs the rarest. This doesn't make INFJs superior to their S counterparts. ISFJs are very valuable to society. Most likely you are ISFJ. But you need to be honest to yourself.

    It's probably better if an INFJ or ISFJ helps you out with this as I can only see this from an INFP point of view.

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    @Lilbamboo , if you are EII in Socionics, it would make sense for you to be either INFJ or INFP in MBTI, depending how we determine perceiving/judging and if whether or not we take functions into consideration.

    I suggest you choose the type that fits you the best. Read the descriptions one more time and just go with what seems most accurate. If it's the wrong type, you'll know with time and that's perfectly fine. It's not like you have to choose a type and then be that type. Be yourself. Type is only a model of the way you process information.


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