[ISFP] 'The Most iNtuitive Sensor'

'The Most iNtuitive Sensor'

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This is a discussion on 'The Most iNtuitive Sensor' within the ISFP Forum - The Artists forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Hi, ISFPs! You guys are often referred to as 'the most intuitive sensor.' How do you relate to this description? ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    'The Most iNtuitive Sensor'

    Hi, ISFPs! You guys are often referred to as 'the most intuitive sensor.' How do you relate to this description? How would you describe your Ni? Did you ever mistype as an intuitive type, and what made your realize you were instead an ISFP?

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    I tend to overthink things a lot in my own mind, but to the general public (I'm very sensitive to strangers' comments), I'm superficial and don't really go too deeply..."things", as some like to call it. I say it has nothing to do with things. My personality has to do with survival (a representation of the current economic situation), and extreme introversion due to sensitivity to strong emotions and criticism.

    It's not that I focus more on things, it's that your face and side comments about me, which I can tune into very easily, make me want to shoot myself; not literally, figuratively. People are harsh, and when you're feeling like the snuggie bear and someone comes in and starts analyzing your every movement and form of expression of existence, it can make one want to delve into something other than socializing. So I choose to put that effort into making stuff, instead.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I think that the way I talk when explaining a situation can sound rather 'intuitive', and so that can make people misrepresent me as one. I tend to jump around a lot and somewhat struggle to get to the point. Can anyone relate?

    But I think mostly it's just that people automatically think that 'Introversion = Intuitiveness'. At least those who know nothing, or very little of MBTI.
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    There were several times when I suspect myself to be an INFP or INTP or something else. Now I am pretty sure myself as an ISFP since I know I talk in a different way from Ns. Also I have a pretty strong Fi and I don't think I use Ne, sometimes maybe. Se and Ni are more familiar to me.

    But I am intuitive only in one or several activities, not intuitive as a person. The one thing that I'm pretty sure is making art--drawing and painting. I make a lot of intuitive drawings. Sometimes my hand just do the job for me without me even thinking about what to draw. A lot of time I also have very subtle fragments/images/impression appear in my mind when I draw, and at the same time I draw things out. I believe all these come from things/ pictures/ books I've seen before. They are simply stored in my mind and come out at some point. It happens a lot especially when I have very strong emotion or feeling about certain things or myself

    Same thing happens to painting but in a slightly different way. If I make intuitive paintings (usually small pieces), what usually happens is I also have a subtle image in my mind but then I try to lock that image in my mind and paint it out. It usually comes out pretty abstract and it's mostly about color and impression. While with drawing I tends to have one thing coming after another until I finish a page. I'm not sure if my painting is Ni and drawing is Ne. Idk. And I make far more drawing than painting simply because the latter is quite inconvenient. I can draw anytime anywhere I want but with painting I have to set up and clean up, not even easels, just paper, brushes, paint, water, and a tray.

    I feel using Ni when I do intellectual study. I tend to study related fields or try to find connection between subjects that I think are related to each other, and I try to connect things I learn to my life or something I've experienced and seen in life. I also tend to overthink things, but I'm not sure if that's Ni.

    "Intuitive sensor" sounds like such a oxymoron, but I like being one. I think being a balanced S/N is the most wonderful quality one can have in terms of MBTI, and not "sensing Intuitives," because I still prefer S over N for some reasons.

    I understand that ISFP can be quite intuitive, but I don't understand why we are the most intuitive. If you look at ISTP, they also have an dom. introverted judging (Ti) and an ter Ni. Fi sounds more intuitive than Ti to me, but I guess I'm wrong since they are both introverted judging and I don't think Ti and Fi as functions have anything to do with intuition. Imo, ISTP should be equally intuitive than ISFP.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    I think it's a combo of Fi and Ni. They can appear very similar on the surface. This is why I believe there is a possibility that some INJ's on this forum are mistypes, and more than likely they are ISP types.
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    Well, I have no problem with abstract thinking, I enjoy discussing about ideas...which are allegedly N traits.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I'm still stuck between either being an INFP or ISFP. I claim myself as ISFP because I relate more with Se due to the fact that I can be aware of my surroundings, and much like a sensor, I recall to past experiences and I feel much more comfortable having that experience rather than trying to predict something or find 'meaning' or do what intuitives do. But I'm much like an intuitive in ways where I can see the possibilities of things happening, and I focus on a lot on the future and how an event could lead to a certain outcome, which is something I do on a daily basis with a multitude of things. I also enjoy theories and figuring how they work, and finding hidden meaning. I'm perfectly okay with 'fuzzy' data.

    I feel like I'm an intuitive-sensor. I use my Se to help predict things in an N way. I focus on the details and facts to help predict the future more accurately.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    I don't really get bothered about meanings in things like life, I usually can't be arsed with that sort of philosophy. Life is for living, clearly. But when I create it's a different story; one of the reasons I barely get any creative work done is that everything has to have another layer of wisdom to it for me. It's got to have a second, not as obvious meaning, or it's got to say something new or it's got to make you think in a different way. A story can't just be a story, a song can't just being a song, it's got to be different and insightful, and that means it's got to delve deeper. But it just isn't natural for me to delve deeper and look for and arrange symbols and meanings and stuff, that's not the way I live. So nothing gets done.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by cosmia View Post
    Hi, ISFPs! You guys are often referred to as 'the most intuitive sensor.' How do you relate to this description? How would you describe your Ni? Did you ever mistype as an intuitive type, and what made your realize you were instead an ISFP?
    Not going to try and describe my Ni because I never really thought about it too much. What I can tell you is that I am an insightful, perceptive person. My intuition does work to discern truths and facts about people and things. For example, it works wonders on this forum when determining who's being honest and who's just a flat out asshole.

    Maybe I'll return with a better description when it's not so late.
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    I don't see myself that intuitive at all... Part because I don't really know what it is exactly and part because I mostly don't fit its descriptions.

    Ah, whatever. MBTI is too full of shitty stereotypes anyway. Got pretty tired of that box cramming and decided to go back to 'unknown perso type' because, truly a person can't be defined as a whole by just 8 cognitive functions... And MBTI tries just that.

    Not to mention the separation it tends to create like racism does IRL... Fck that shit

    Instead I'm looking into eneagrams now but, I don't like its extreme definings like every person must and is an absolute of either one. Ultimately making no sense because I sure ain't an absolute.
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