[ISFP] ISFP Ennea-Brethren: Compare, Contrast

ISFP Ennea-Brethren: Compare, Contrast

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This is a discussion on ISFP Ennea-Brethren: Compare, Contrast within the ISFP Forum - The Artists forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; ISFPs are usually what types on the enneagram? 4, 9, and...I could only guess. Anyways, not my primary question. I'm ...

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    ISFP Ennea-Brethren: Compare, Contrast

    ISFPs are usually what types on the enneagram? 4, 9, and...I could only guess. Anyways, not my primary question. I'm giving you the floor to tell me how you differ, as an isfp, from other isfps pertaining to your enneatype.

    Basically, I wanna know of your realm of isfp. It may differ from mine own. Join in, be you isfp or other. How may you differ from your XXXX brethren? What do you share? MBTI or Jungian Functions are one way to look at us. Take that and splash on some ennea-grahams (...oh, gawd, don't quote me...) and you've practically got different isfp nationalities. Am I right, you all...y'all? lol

    My go. I tend to think isfps are accompanied by a strong partiality on expressivity. I guess I differ from non-4 isfps by being expressive with a radically anticipant center. I anticipate so much that my strength is often focus. It goes bad when I become dependent on the object of my focus. Look up cacoethes and you've got my guilty pleasure. Do my fellow isfp 4s relate?
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Yes, I agree with this. Sometimes I think the stereotype of the totally non-confrontational ISFP is an enneagram 9. Does that mean that other ISFPs go around IRL looking for fist fights? Maybe not. I don't. I'd really rather people leave me alone and have peace in my day to day life, but see I'm a 6w7 so I have this reactivity and I seriously have this counterphobic aspect to my personality that may make me seem Se dominant in some situations (like I'll seem more assertive... even occasionally aggressive, though not regularly) and I have an intense sense of "protecting my own" and that includes not just me but my loved ones or the weak and defenseless. I'll turn from sweet and nice and quiet and gentle to the lady holding a fork at your throat. ;D

    So in that sense I actually questioned if I was an ENFP champion for that reason, but I do think I'm a lot more Se "earthy" (which I mistook for tertiary Te, but it's just Se earthy experience common sense type of stuff, really, methinks) and I really do have sensitive Fi and spend a lot of time alone, so ESFP is very doubtful despite my counterphobic 6 blasts of Se.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I'm still looking into Enneagrams but, I'm primarily within the two category.

    I'm also an Aries if that helps any...(lol like that is useful on a psychology form)
    So I fit a wee bit of what fourtines is describing.
    I'm not looking for fights, and hell, I'm probably going to get you a gift after if I don't know you well enough if so, but, I have a strong passive-aggressive side, and am really good at the slow-burn when pissed. I also get really fighty though when someone tries to steal from me that one thing I'm holding precious... as I really don't want to lose it, even if months, years, decades later it doesn't matter that much to me, I hold tight to those things I want to protect.

    So as far as enneagram, I'm primarily a 2 with a strong subtendacy towards 1... fwee.... Like I know what I'm chitting on about.
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    Unknown Personality

    @Le9acyMuse ,
    I don't know if I relate to that, the cacoethes (but I'm still trying to translate your meaning into something I can understand). Maybe it has to do with instinctual variant, sp vs so? My guilty pleasure seems to do more with feeling exempt from the rules which apply to everyone else, eg having a job. Or wallowing in my shame, mourning my wasted life.

    What am I good at? I'm observant, I guess. I've kind of forgotten. Need to re-learn and stop wallowing.
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    Thanks for teaching me a new word @Le9acyMuse ! ;)

    What makes me different? I'm not as "go with the flow" or calm as other ISFP's seem to be. Though, I try to appear calm and people somehow seem to believe that I'm a mellow cat. Internally, I'm very anxious. And though I haven't experienced it in a little while, I tend to linger on the depressant side. When I'm not however, I can seem quit extroverted and like an ESFP. But I promise I'm not. I have such a strong desire to be by myself most of the time and tend to be an observer, but people will be fooled when I start playing the clown and cracking the jokes or going out of my way to make others have a good time as well.

    I'm also not a push over. Maybe once upon a time. But if something is bothering me, I voice it. I do my best to be tactful, but I don't let the anger simmer inside of me. So I consider myself somewhat aggressive.

    I also seem to flip between high activity and low to no activity in the realm of hobbies. It seems like most ISFP's I know are always sort of submersing their selves in some sort of hobby. I personally feel as though I'm wasting away on the internet sometimes. Wasted potential. I could potentially be creating art, going for a walk, or even doing my homework that I said I would be doing right now. But... I'm not.
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    ESFJ - The Caregivers

    I realized that I'm actually an Enneagram 3! I'm for sure about it this time. I've been thinking about it lately, and how my enneagram applies to me with some of the weaknesses I have. I realized that like a 3, I'm actually very image conscious. I didn't think I was before, but I actually was just projecting it onto other people a lot that they are image-conscious. But it's not them, it's me! It's something that I struggle liking myself about. But I'm glad to realize that for 3's it's not necessarily unhealthy to be image-conscious. Another weakness of my enneagram is that I'm too dependent on the feedback of others and of being of value to them. I tend to be a people pleaser sometimes. The way I focus is I idealize something in order to pick out what's relevant and needed and then work at creating it. My emotions have to be part of it. I'm really sensitive to my environment. I struggle with how I am seems too sentimental and not tough enough for other people. I wish I knew some other isfp's so I could contrast myself with them. Like a 3, I am always hoping for something and that keeps me going and keeps me focused. I do chase after an idealized version of myself.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    What @fourtines said.

    Being a 6w7 makes me seem much more extroverted than other ISFP's. It also makes me stand my ground more, and I fight my battles more often. I won't stand for any shit, basically. Though sometimes I am too laid back to care. To be honest, I wonder sometimes if my enneagram has helped with my miss type of both ESTJ and EXFP.
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    Being a 9w1 kind of makes me feel like I could potentially even be a judger..because of the 1 wing of being a perfectionist. Also, I feel like I strive to be in more of a group and harmony person than a straight-up individual like a 4. You could say that certain 9s do try to be individual and go their own route, but they still try to be in harmony with others it seems like(9W8s, anyone?)...they'll do what they want on their own! :)

    Sometimes as a 9w1 I feel like I can be objective a little bit and understand or at least be open to hearing and understanding other perspectives as a thinker. However, as a feeler if I feel like someone is criticizing or something I won't take it too well. That's a given for me....
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