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ISFP and making final decisions

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This is a discussion on ISFP and making final decisions within the ISFP Forum - The Artists forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Sleepy Hi, as an ISFP I like to leave things open. I have a hard time making ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
    Hi, as an ISFP I like to leave things open. I have a hard time making final decisions about external things. I just go with the flow. But sometimes when I really need to make a final decision and make things happen, I can apply logics to the situation. This is probably the inferior Te working. If I am not pleased with the way things are going I ask myself: "Do I like the way things are?" Answer: "No!" Solution: You have to do something about it. I know it seems really simple but it's a way to force myself into some J behaviour.

    It's fascinating how hard it can be to use simple logics in making personal decisions. At least for an ISFP.

    Do other ISFP:s have the same experiences? What about other types? Have you noticed your inferior function in action??
    I have trouble with Te. I'd like to develop it better, but I have to admit, it's like learning an entirely alien language.
    The only times I feel the Te is there is when I've completely had enough of someone (including myself). I get really focused, determined and productive. It actually feels pretty good when I'm like that. It's like some kind of veil is lifted, and I can finally think straight and clear, you know, and I'm not preoccupied with other people and their feelings, and my own feelings.
    But it's rare when my Te shows. And when it does, it disappears pretty quickly as well.

    As for making final decisions...for me it's helpful to keep a goal, or some kind of vision of how I would like for things to look one day from now, next week, a year from now...and make decisions according to those goals I have. I keep it pretty flexible though, but having dreams and goals is benificial. Otherwise, I'm the queen of wandering around, and never accomplishing anything.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by banja View Post
    I'm the queen of wandering around, and never accomplishing anything.
    I'm the same, but in my case I would have to be a male queen :)

    But I have been thinking(!), the worst scenario is to wander around and doing things I DONT like (I've been doing that alot in my life). But wandering around is ok, as long as I do something that i like and am interested in. Then wandering around feels good and I can appreciate it!

    As for Te I'm not sure if I recognize it right. It might just be Fi in action. But I think I know that I' using Te when I'm making a descision not based on harmony or what seems most fitting in the situation, but rather by sorting out the bad alternatives, and then going for the only alternative that I have left, no matter how I feel about it. That's logical, right? It feels refreshing, I agree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
    Hi, I give another example: I was recently chatting with this cute girl by SMS, and I wanted to flirt with her. But I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate. So I felt that making a final feeling decision was not possible. Then I would just remain silent and say nothing. (That's what I would normally do). But then I asked myself: "Do I want to continue my interaction with her in this neutral way like before?" Answer: "No", Solution "start flirting a little". So I did, and I still don't know if it was appropriate, but at least I was able to make a decision. My way of understanding it is that I used inferior thinking in the service of feeling. It's a way to cope with situation where feeling can't make up it's mind.
    I think most can relate to this kind of interaction and the fear of making a decision which might change the situation (the status quo if you like) in a radical way. Most of the time you know the outcome you would like to have, but are unsure of how to attain that.

    Instead of trying to explain all this with Ti, Fi etc, I think it would be more useful to think of it as willpower to overcome ones fears, because that's what it all stems from. I know many like to categorize thinking and feeling in to separate "things" and explain behaviour accordingly. It's easy and gives insight in to areas of yourself which you are unfamiliar with, but in the end you just have to accept that both work in conjunction at every single occasion in life. In general, you are the whole of yourself and trying to improve one "part" is just a simplification and could possibly be bad in the end, since you are in fact creating different personas that also act differently (I should stop now, this is just blabbering).

    Anyway, I suffer a lot from indecision. I don't know what to say right now since i'm quite convinced it's just low-self esteem, fear of what others will think of me (they go hand-in-hand) and just not enough motivation to accomplish anything.

    And I hate it.

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    I have trouble when I'm confronted with several options that all appear to be equally good, like what movie to see or where to go to on vacation. I feel I might be missing out on something if I choose something else. Like if I go to a music festival, I'll spend some time moving from stage to stage so I feel I haven't missed anything.

    With the really tough decisions, intuition definitely helps to look forward and see how things might play out. Te can help too, but I feel it as confrontational. I only like to use it when the going gets tough.

    As for the willpower side of things, I feel it's just trusting our secondary trait and remembering that we've got Se too! And when we go for something, things just happen. It's kinda fun and thrilling that we have that inside ourselves too behind the friendly, quiet feeling side.

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