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This is a discussion on ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante within the ISTP Articles forums, part of the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics category; Not a bad description. :)...

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    Not a bad description. :)

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    sounds like me
    but i would choose other bame, like cool blooded killer

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    I’d laugh at this if it wasn’t so fundamentally accurate.

    While in the working world I encountered a tyrannical director, a boss of bosses and a first rate S.O.B. One of his professional passions was destroying targeted employees who somehow offended him. He went to great lengths to do this, even continuing the attack after the victims had found other employment.

    The time came when he went after a young employee who had worked for me. The young man was an unrecognized hero who, in a very hostile environment overseas, saved a U.S. facility from being overrun by a very large group of unpleasant and heavily armed people.

    Something tipped within me and a war began. I too became a target of the director and the brawl lasted for years. Guns were out of the question so the truth,well told and well written, was the substitute weapon of choice.

    In the end the director was dethroned from his position. He was banished from our department and sent to another agency. He retired and didn’t live long enough to collect his first retirement check.

    My intent was not his death. Removal from his position was the goal, which was attained. I sometimes visit his grave when in town. I do not gloat, nor do I have much remorse. I simply feel Justice was served. He destroyed a number of lives, as well as the careers, of people who did not merit such treatment. As I write this the image of a boy with firecrackers blowing up frogs comes to mind. He was a giant among the helpless, and cruelty was apparently great sport.

    The moral of this story is that ISTPs appear to have a tipping point. If pushed too far they may react in a forceful manner to injustice and perceived threats. We apparently are capable of defending others and seeking to right wrongs. The course of action may not wise, career enhancing or prudent. None the less, we have the ability to step up to the plate and engage.

    I never expected to survive this confrontation. As far as I was concerned it was an engagement “to the death,” though I never expected it to come to that. I did expect to be fired and, frankly, didn’t care. Now, retired, I can see my own scars. It was an unpleasant encounter for all involved.

    I’m glad it is over. I’m glad I made the choices I did. When I see myself in the mirror I don’t have to look at a coward.
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    Well.. shit.

    I thought this was more of a 'me'-thing. But it seems like I'm not crazy (yet).

    I'm a security guard, wanted to be police, so I know how they work and possibly can work around it later when I snap..
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    what a cool description...
    this is really how I aspire to be. I'm done sitting around. ISTPs are so lucky!
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    lol. nope.
    more like disinterested lurker who laughs and slouches away.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    They forgot to make Rorschach left-handed in the movie. Jackie Earl Haley played him great, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDevastation View Post
    Well tbh, I would likely kill certain kinds of people such as murderers, serial killers, and child abusers/murderers if I came across them.
    And you'd be right to do so. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judson Joist View Post
    And you'd be right to do so. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
    I can never decide if it's an incredibly straightforward or complicated issue.

    When I watch a show like The Punisher, or Daredevil, and see them having the ethical arguments about whether Frank is a hero or a monster, I tend to side with hero. I know that he is technically an antihero, but in comic book and TV show land he doesn't hurt innocents.

    Frank's dialogue is great though:

    Daredevil: "Yeah, so you just put 'em in the morgue."
    Frank: "You're goddamn right, I do."
    D: "You ever doubt yourself, Frank?"
    F: "Not even for a second."
    D: "Really? Really? You never think for one second, "Shit, I just killed a human being"."
    F: "That's being pretty generous."

    I guess what really stops me from wholeheartedly embracing support for that kind of position in reality is proof. Innocents would undoubtedly be killed.
    Perhaps Rorschach killed innocents who he believed to be guilty.
    Then again, I don't think Rorschach considered anyone who participated in society to be 'innocent' unless they were children.

    How does support for lethal vigilantism not turn into a Duterte type state where that support is misused and abused?

    With that being said, I hate the laws in some places which say that if someone breaks into your home and they were unarmed but you caved their head in with a bat then you go to prison because it wasn't a 'proportionate use of force.'
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by General View Post
    How does support for lethal vigilantism not turn into a Duterte type state where that support is misused and abused?
    Vigilantism is an expression of Natural Law and Natural Law is an expression of The People's Will. If the act is done by the state rather than The People, then it's not vigilantism. There will be those who call it that, but they're mistaken. Anyway, the word "vigilante" simply mean "watchman." There was a time when it was understood to be the duty of all citizens. D-FENS of civilization is not expressly the domain of military and police, and certainly not "the state."
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