[ISTP] Is this an ISTP statement?

Is this an ISTP statement?

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This is a discussion on Is this an ISTP statement? within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Don't delete his files, he will cry (ti/fe axis?)...

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    Is this an ISTP statement?

    Don't delete his files, he will cry (ti/fe axis?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by letsrunlikecrazy View Post
    Just pondering

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistress View Post
    Don't delete his files, he will cry (ti/fe axis?)
    I guess the context was off, it was said in a funny way

    In a response to this

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    Could be Ti/Fe axis or

    don't delete his files - Te imposing rules and structure
    he will cry - Fi understanding internal feelings and emotional response
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    I.... this has absolutely nothing to do with MBTI. I'm sure most people would upset about losing things. Digital or physical. Who knows what's in those files.

    I mean, it could be a porn folder, academic assignments, pictures of children, or god forbid something for work (and therefor financial income).
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    His nonchalance makes me laugh... ENTP. 24:00, this indian guy is probably on the East coast of India, french accent on some words...
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    I like cheese
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