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A Way to Change the World. Don't we need to try?

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This is a discussion on A Way to Change the World. Don't we need to try? within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; To cut it short and simple as possible it is the programming of human society and the human mind has ...

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    To cut it short and simple as possible it is the programming of human society and the human mind has to be changed otherwise things will only continue as they are till it all plays out to some dark conclusion.
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    Unknown Personality

    Would require re-engineering humans to both altruistic in the global sense (non-tribal) and long-term in thinking. Neither characteristics were what got selected for in human evolution as the former could only be realized by the rule of law / political institutions, and the latter via technological means of forecasting / prediction. Trend now is to export resource allocation decisions to algorithms and empathy through social media.

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    there are so many ways this is hurts my brain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by functionaloneness View Post
    I am hoping there is someone in these forums who sees a need to change the direction in which we are heading. Humanity does not need to be mindless consumers driving an economy that is solely based on making a profit.

    As much as we wish and love to hear about some Law of Abundance. Our world in finite, our resources limited, and for every action nature is going to react. We are in this together. We are all a part of the problem. Our economy has no sense of balance or equilibrium with our planet nor does our economy care about the welfare of humanity. It will drive us to social collapse or eventual extinction.

    We can figure things out now, we can create a shift in society, not where we try to control everyone but to where each of us makes the choices in our lives based on the well-being of our planet and humanity. We need each other and together we can be the force of change.

    We do not need to fight against each other. We can work together. Government teaches us to have conflicting agendas where survival and society teaches us to work together. Look around you anywhere you go, and you are sounded by a world of humanity collaboration and cooperation. All the comforts and quality of life we enjoy is made possible by each one of us. We are not individuals for we do not live for ourselves or apart from the humanity around us. We are unique and diverse. That is what true freedom is, not for the few to impose their view and agenda on the many and not even for the many to impose their views on the few.

    We all wish to live in health, comfort, in security, to love and to provide for our family. Love is not the answer. But working together is. We need to take off the blinder and see how the mindset of abundance, and more is better is not sustainable. The is a finite amount of resources that are here for everyone. We are accountable not to each other but to this world and to our future.

    We cam design new models of society based on human and earth friendly systems. We can re process our minds to live in a world of balance where we are the caretakers of this planet. We can link our diverse ways of thinking and come up with designs that work for humanity, not to control our way of life but to find a way to balance how we live in a sustain format and economy driven by progress, efficiency, quality, and ingenuity.

    The longer we wait for this kind of change the more we will pay for our delay in economical, environmental, and social crisis.

    I know people will say that this is some Utopian idea and that those have always failed. My reply is that a better world is possible but we our brains need to be able to function in such a world, and world that is not driven by the need for consumption and the endless desire of wanting more. Excess always turns to waste whether it is our bodies or part of this lifestyle. Health is balance, security is stability, and sustainability is the only way to save our future.
    changing the world is exactly what ended us up in this predicament. how bout we STOP changing the world instead?

    everybody put down your electronics and gadgets and vehicles and live 100% naturally.

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by Diving for Light View Post

    there are so many ways this is hurts my brain.
    I am facedesking so hard reading it. Force everyone to cooperate and nothing gets done. Competition and "profit" are necessary evils. Humans need a form of motivation to do shit, if not, they sit there and rot until they start getting bitchy and demand that everyone that isn't sitting there rotting should drag them along and support them while they continue to do nothing and be useless. Rewarding people for doing nothing and punishing success is why humanity is so god damn weak. People need to be responsible for themselves first and foremost.

    On the other hand, it is high time we have a global purge, bring humanity back to its roots so to speak.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    With emphasis on causing amnesia so I forget the thread even exists.

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    Let's all Be Good and Help Each Other Just Like That, it's so easy and it pays off!!!

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by pwowq View Post
    The one hitting europe in the 2019Q2-reports. Very soon.

    Deutsche bank -> reported a 2.8 billion € quarterly loss!!
    Daimler -> HUGE profit warning. (300k employees)
    BASF -> HUGE profit warning. (122k employees)
    UK construction firms -> most big will address huge profit warnings.

    It is only the expected world financial crash coming soon. No biggie. I have a safe job and I'll jump off the financial boat next week. :)
    The end of debt based fractional banking is neigh. The Fed fucked themselves with cooked up numbers that now actually work against them. Most part of the world is already in recession, that is why they need to cut, but their fake numbers show that the economy is doing wel, which doesn't justify a cut.
    Everytime the FED cut rates with unemployment below 4% a recession ensued. That is, because we were/ are already in one, they just couldn't/ can't tell it.

    Next Wednesday is going to be very interesting. I am very curious what they do and how stocks, bonds and gold will react.

    But for change: we need sound money, true free markets, respect for property and small government. But we also need to go through a lot of pain first. And I mean pain that makes 2009 like a smiling baby. I assume the fall out will kill of so many people that overpopulation will also be solved.

    I am from Europe, but I keep only a couple of hundred euro's for emergencies, but the rest is all in precious metals.
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    Too long didn't read. You can't change the world, you adapt.

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