Bad ISTP breakups

Bad ISTP breakups

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This is a discussion on Bad ISTP breakups within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Ahoy istps. ENTP here *collective groan* My new fella is istp. I'm coping ok so far, i've had lots of ...

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    Bad ISTP breakups

    Ahoy istps. ENTP here *collective groan*

    My new fella is istp. I'm coping ok so far, i've had lots of practise with istps: can deal with the I no problem, T and P = great, our biggest issue imo is the S vs N. I love his S but he doesnt always want to come on N adventures with me 😢 but, i am just mindful of that and try to find other outlets...

    My question is this. His ex (3yrs together) literally ran off out of the blue. He seems to have been left absolutely REELING by this and has spent 4yrs being very butthurt about it, not even trying with the ladies. Obviously, he doesnt like to endlessly discuss it and when he has opened up i can see he is still confused and bitter about it...tho i am helping 😉 (My two cents is she was a feeler and resentment built up about not enough verbal feedback/validation etc and being hot/cold, a fate im hoping to avoid since i am tuned in, and note that he's doing things for me, rather than telling me he loves me, and that works really well for this entp!)

    Please indulge me, have you been through a similar baaad breakup, and did you stew for a very long time? How did you get over it in the end?


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