[ISTP] ISTP with limited mobility

ISTP with limited mobility

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This is a discussion on ISTP with limited mobility within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Dear ISTPs, I'd like to bring up a very serious topic today. A good friend of mine (ISTP) has seriously ...

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    ISTP with limited mobility

    Dear ISTPs,
    I'd like to bring up a very serious topic today. A good friend of mine (ISTP) has seriously injured himself during sports and is therefore severely restricted in his mobility for some time. Understandably, he's very unhappy with the whole situation (He dislikes that he has to rely on help from outside and he also feels embarrassed that he's seen in "bad shape" by his close friends and family members). Seeing my friend so unhappy also hurts me and I would like to do something for him in order to cheer him up a bit:

    Do you have any suggestions about what I could do to cheer him up?
    Since I know how much ISTPs love activities, sports and exercise it's really hard for me to come up with ideas that don't require activities at all.

    This also leads me to the question of how one can cheer up ISTPs who are a) older and physically restrained or b) permanently disabled as a result of an accident?

    I really would appreciate your help and thoughts on this topic.

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    Unknown Personality

    paraolympics after acceptance.

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    A wheelchair race?

    In seriousness, if it were me I think I would accept it and adjust after a time. I'm interested in so many things, it wouldn't be hard to find a sedentary hobby that still engaged my Ti and Se. Pretty much anything creative and hands-on. I would probably also obsessively investigate ways to make getting around easier and avoid having to rely on people. I can't think of any reasonable examples (stuff that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg) off the top of my head but I tend to get obsessed with "life hacks" and practical innovations a lot. I spend so much time thinking about and investigating them, it's almost a hobby in itself.
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