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Do you care about conspiracy theories?

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This is a discussion on Do you care about conspiracy theories? within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; The conspiracy is a plan, ISTP don't like make a plan... So probably not the best for accept this kind ...

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    The conspiracy is a plan, ISTP don't like make a plan... So probably not the best for accept this kind of theory. It's probably just boring or impossible for their mind.

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    I care as in listening and questioning.

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    Nah.. I'm way too skeptical.

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    It's the goal.

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    It depends on the conspiracy, but for me:

    Truth is always simple, it just people cannot see the truth.

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    I hope you don't mind if I invade this forum. I hope to find post that evolve some degree of thought rather than "how do you have a relationship with a ENTJ". I was going to use a definition of conspiracy, but felt the use of harmful or evil in those definitions as bias or presumptuous. Probably many of those who commit conspiracies feel they are for the greater good of some party.

    Also if the conspiracy is from the past, does it matter, or could it be in and of itself a conspiracy to create havoc or to distract us from the needs of the moment. Mostly conspiracies are to cover up and to manipulate the mind and actions of the masses. The best conspiracies are likely those we believe in without question, something we all have bought in to.

    One thing that I find fascinating along the lines of conspiracy is Islam. Hold on, if you just go into studying that religion just to understand how it functions, you might find yourself admiring as maybe the most pure and perfect religion... not the beliefs but how it functions and achieves its aganda. At the same time, it is the scariest threat to modern civilization yet possibly the most effective solution to many of the world's problems; but just not the solution most of us would want. Conspiracy is actual a major part of that faith. In many ways it is genius. Please don't get upset until you spend a month or so studying its scriptures and Sharia Law. I actually think there is an answer to dichotomic nature, but just reform would never permanently work.

    What of consumerism? Isn't there a conspiracy that drives us to buy things. And doesn't our consumption, which we see as growth, actually drive our economy? Yet growth is always unsustainable? Doesn't the concept of cost conspire against our need and ability to do the things that are needed and that we put off fixing problems that only get worse and we either cost even more to fix or may end up losing what easily could have been saved at an earlier time.

    I am stretching things here. These are not conspiracies and even if they are some scheme of the Illuminati or some form to control and preoccupy the masses doesn't really matter. What does matter is that we find a way to break free of acceptance of concept that control our mind and our ability to change, fix, and improve the world we live in. The importance is never in the theory but is moving forward as a society.

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    I enjoy them because they're fun to debunk. But that's about it.
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    Man I have gotten sucked in to a couple over the years. I think conspiracy theories appeal to me because, if you're "in" on the conspiracy, then you feel kind of special. Kind of like, you know, you know this thing, you're part of this community of people who knoooOooOoowwWw. The psychology of conspiracy theories is honestly fascinating to me. It's like this sheltered little world where you and your buddies can feel like you're taking on Big Government or whatever else, it's like an adventure in and of itself. You know, oh shit, are people going to suicide me via two bullets to the head?! Oh shit! It's an absolutely crazy mentality. It can get addictive. But yeah, pull your head out of it and you're like what the fuck did I just talk about for 10 hours. Or, worse, you realize that you were almost convinced that Hilary Clinton is a lizard person.
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