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This is a discussion on Introduce Yourself within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Yoooo ISTP here... new to this site and I've been interested in the MBTI for a few years and yeah ...

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    Yoooo ISTP here... new to this site and I've been interested in the MBTI for a few years and yeah I was one of those ISTPs that got INTJ on the 1st test... to be honest that's because I ticked certain boxes that I wished to be... especially when one question said something like "Do you wish to be organised/disorganised?" and I leaned more to organised because I could do with being more organised like my girlfriend who's an ISFJ lol. But anyway... cool to be part of the forum and hopefully I'll come across like minded people who I struggle to come across in the real world.

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    Not really new here. I’m just returning from a bit of a hiatus.

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    Not really new here, but anyway I tested ISTP from the start, even though I got ISTJ a few times, and ISTp on socionics...
    But that was because I want people to adhere to rules that are actually useful, otherwise things become a mess.
    On the other hand I can be a mess myself, but working on it if I'm not lazy. There's still quite some to do.

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    Yo anyone here?

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    I'm ESTP but sure

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    Hello. I am probably an ISTP. I've been looking for forums to visit in my spare time to try and break off from a bad case of lurker's malignancy, and this one seems active. I have been interested in learning more about typology for some years. Not sure if I will stick around or not, but it seems useful to work toward having a post-count if so.

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