[ISTP] What type are your siblings and how do you get along with them?

What type are your siblings and how do you get along with them?

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This is a discussion on What type are your siblings and how do you get along with them? within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; I'm an ISTP and my brother is an ESTP and we have the best sibling relationship ever. Our sense of ...

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    What type are your siblings and how do you get along with them?

    I'm an ISTP and my brother is an ESTP and we have the best sibling relationship ever. Our sense of humor is almost identical, we both like sports and video games, and we tend to notice the exact same things in a situation which is weirdly convenient sometimes. The only place where we clash is introversion vs. extroversion: he's social, I'm not. Plus, whenever we're in public, if I think about something I'm going to say and realize that I shouldn't, chances are he was thinking the same exact thing and he just goes right ahead and says it.
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    I'm an ESFJ, with ESFJ and ENFP brothers and an ENTJ sister. The youngest (the ENTJ) is 15, so it is slightly tougher to get along with her because, honestly, puberty tends to make anyone difficult to get along with. Most of my good friends have been ENTJs, so I don't doubt we'll have a lot of fun when she's older. I have the most conflict with my ESFJ brother, actually... even though we also have the most in common. We tend to get on each others' nerves, and we're both a little stubborn too. We all have pretty similar taste in movies and video games, although the ENFP reads more philosophy than I do.

    The ENTJ and ENFP are able to play off each others' jokes and puns more than I and the other ESFJ are, and their philosophical and abstract conversations definitely last longer with each other than with me. Potentially, this could change as my Ne develops in my thirties, but I am very much a concrete thinker.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    i have an ENXJ Brother, leaning toward F, but i still have no idea.
    he's not really a brother, more like a third parent. i can get along with him and joke with him at times, but he's a megalomaniac and i hate that. sometimes i find it hard to talk to him because it ends in lecture, and that can get annoying. he also blows the truth out of proportion all the time, making it seem like a bigger problem than it already is.
    dancing around the truth so to speak.
    he's very charismatic, and because of living with him i've been able to pick up a few tricks or two, but at the same time he expects me to follow the rules every single time, even if it was just the two of us talking, which i think is bullshit since ti's just one on one conversation without anyone else looking. he stresses about eye contact when i can listen to him just fine looking away from him.
    he's only ever truly gotten angry around my parents, and when that happens he ends up bringing stuff from the past only to make them angry. back when i was young he would argue with them a lot.

    overall, i just want him to calm the fuck down sometimes.

    i don't know the type of my younger brother, as he's still developing his personality. I'm not going to type him until after puberty, that is if i rermember myerrs briggs in the first place. i pretty much just want to treat him like a human, and since i've tried doing so, he's been more open with me, which i find is a good thing. he's a regular husky little COD Kid. I'm usually chill with him, and i pretend i know what he's talking about when he's talking about COD (since i haven't played it)
    puberty's going to hit him in the next few years so i'm looking forward to that.
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    My family is blended so all my siblings are 'half' and they all have siblings as well.

    My eldest sis is ESFP
    She is 8 years older then me. And grew up in another home so she was not around nearly as much as my other siblings.
    She has an uncontained out of the closet pill popping and tweaking problem. Basically whatever you put in front of her she will do. Yeah theres lots of will power in that one. Oh yeah also she gives ziltch about composing her drug issues in front of say family that are concerned. "Look at me all disheveled and shit, I am not even going to bother trying to not look like I am flying high as a kite on vaccum cleaner cuz I couldnt score blow"

    Pros: She is more like me in not giving a fuck what the hell others think in terms of just inhibition and delivery. So she is by far the funnest in terms of like when we went out or something neither of us has like any shame in giving a crud what others think. She is the epitome of a free spirit gone wrong if I ever did see it. Its a shame to watch her let the world eat her alive or eat herself alive. Because she is such a beautiful free spirit. This song makes me think of my eldest sis thats even her name and its how I see her in the world with relationships and everything. She was even named after this song because my dad was such a RS nutter.

    Cons: Dealing with that level of Fi from an addict is just annoying as hell. OMFG she is like a faucet, and the world revolves around her, her, her, her, her! Its basically obstructed our relationship heavily. Mainly because tho I am not a lecturer who solicits my opinion continually I also do not pacify her like she gets from so much other family.

    My younger sis is 28, INFJ
    She has a contained closeted drug problem. This means she does not look like a freak and do whatever is put in front of her. She has much higher standards for her drugs (lol I had to chuckle even typing that). Naw what this means is that shes actually able to present herself in public as a composed person that does not look like a mess or make people suspect anything. (I just know her).

    Pros: Extremely astute to environments. Very strong core in her. Self determined. Perseverance.
    This is my baby here. I LOVE her. I love all my siblings but this is the one who grew up in the same home as me regular with the same roots. We can easily not talk for months and then pick up where ever we leave off. I respect the character and person she is over all. I have always been her protector probably a huge reason she physically hurts about how much abuse I had excepted in my love life in younger years and in many other ways. She knows I am her defender and I think its a big reason she was so disappointed in me in younger years I think it hurt her to the core where my life went not because she thought little of me but because she thinks the world of me for always being her defender. I took abuse for her alotta the time as children she knows this. Our bond is way deeper then blood.

    Cons: She emotionally manipulates weaker men then her (could be considered a talent, but I do not respect it much). She is very paranoid about cheating in relationships and checks everyones phone (crazy lol). Her views of the world can be very rigid and unflexible which is a double inch sword because its keeps her true to her core, but sometimes can blind her in interaction with others. My biggest struggle with her is that she mistakes herself being so astute with people as 1. Always being right (when she can be kinda black/white 2.Thinks its her god given right to solicit self help advice like always. My god if I had a fuckn dollar for all the self help advice shes given every time I would be making bank.

    My lil bro is an ENFJ

    He is 14 years apart from me. I was his main caregiver when he was like 4 and under.

    Theres was something that happened a few years back I have vented about here previous that I am not going to bring up now that did put a big wedge in. Basically he did something that was questionable and my defender mode kicked in and I basically beat the shit out of him and attacked him with my mom pulling me off and saying I was over reacting. You know what I think I saved his life attacking him. And luckily no serious lines were crossed where he couldnt come back from. Yeah I know vague and confusing. To anyone who hadnt seen my prior posts about it. Basically he did not do anything enough he could not reform and come back from but enough for the defender in me to attack in primal gear.

    Now a few years removed from that instance I think he has evolved into a pretty good person. I care about him. He cares about me. Actually I think he thinks of me like my lil sis as his defender and generally has a soft spot for me. I think he has turned into a good person and I think its alotta thanks to my stepdad and not my mother. He seems similarly astute to the same things happening in a room as my INFJ sis and I are.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    ISFJ younger brother. We love each other: him because he's a good-hearted and devoted ISFJ who has loved me his whole life far more than I've ever deserved, and me because he's a pretty cool kid after all and since I've figured out this whole personality type thing I've learned to understand him better and appreciate him for who he is. Since he's gotten older (we're in our 30s) and become an engineer his Ti has developed and he's gone downright geeky on me, and we have that rationality in common. He's more understanding and tolerant of my own quirks than anybody else. He loves me unconditionally. We've also grown much closer through his recovery from a serious drug addiction. Our whole family really hung together and loved each other through the hard times and learned not to take each other for granted. I know that, being a sensitive and family-oriented guy, it means the world to him the way we all stuck by him even when he was a mess. And I have more respect and admiration for him than just about anybody I know, for everything he's overcome and the person he's become now, which is the person he really is. Even when he was a mess he was still a good-hearted kid. He never became hardened the way everyone around him was. ISFJ men are tender-hearted.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    I have four siblings but only one has taken the test. She's very different from me so I was curious about her type. I am an ISTP (assertive) and she is an ENFP(turbulent). We share a love of absurdity and spontaneity but not much else. I am very frustrating to her because I always seem to say the wrong thing when I am just trying to say the true thing. I don't get how she's always so offended or how she needs people around her all the time.

    I want to be closer to her but it feels like she's a china shop and I'm a bulldozer wielding chainsaws on fire.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    my siblings are ESFJ and ENFJ
    they always arguing with my parents about a thing
    but never with me :D
    when i give an order, they just do never ask why :D

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    My younger brother is an INFJ. We get along extremely well. We both love video games, so we've always bonded over that.

    My older middle sister is an ESFJ. I really like her - she talks a lot, so it's nice to just listen to her and not feel pressured to say anything.

    My 'eldest' sister is an INFP. I don't get along with her at all - she's much too self-centered and causes too much drama.

    My older brother is an ENTP. He and I get along very well - always thinking of trouble to cause together. In the summertime we would disappear for weeks to go camping.
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    INTJ little brother - he is my hero and idol and the only person I'd kill for with a smile.

    ...get along?
    Very rarely - we have completely different views on a lot of things that, at least I, care deeply about.

    That said, we can practically read each others minds, and we always Understand each other - which is a good thing, because it can highlight our respective flaws and help us fix them.

    I couldn't get a better brother even if I got to design him myself.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I'm an only child. :-(
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