[ISTP] Can You help Me Please ISTPs?

Can You help Me Please ISTPs?

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This is a discussion on Can You help Me Please ISTPs? within the ISTP Forum - The Mechanics forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Eye of the potato and I are having a little argument and I was just wondering if any of you ...

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    Can You help Me Please ISTPs?

    Eye of the potato and I are having a little argument and I was just wondering if any of you would like to share what you know on the matter of ENFP/ISTP relations.
    Here is a link to the thread.

    Just think, we might finally be able to put this matter to rest. :)

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    I'm scared...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    This will never be put to rest. Are you mad?

    Did you read the enfj profile I linked to you yet?

    Ethical Intuitive Extratim - Wikisocion

    Intuitive Ethical Extratim - Wikisocion

    Please read them and tell me which one fits you better.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Personally, I think the initial thread that is being linked to here is completely illogical and based on ... I don't even know. Projections? Over-analyzing? I have no idea. This is an ENFP saying - waste of time & not logical. If ISTPs are even more rational, I suspect you guys will hate the thread.

    Just my two cents though.

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    I think you guys are wasting your time. It really doesn't matter what some theory says about who you best get along with.

    You get along with who you get along with and that's that.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    That's not good enough. I think we need more theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duck_of_death View Post
    that's not good enough. I think we need more theory.
    lmao!!!! More theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    okay, I mean I see your point...but, I can't give up now.

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    I won't stop you.

    Sometimes Captain Ahab has to get his whale.
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    Unknown Personality

    Disclaimers: I'm not an ISTP personality type. I'm not versed in socionics. I don't know what Socionics type is of the person I am dealing with. And, whenever I take the socionics test, I'm a different type each time.

    However, based on my experience and involvement with an ISTP (based on MBTI), I can relate to the following in the dual relationship information from the link above:

    • Conflicts between Duals are very rare and if there are any, they are normally short lived and solved without pain.

    I find this to be very true. Unlike many other types, I have found that he doesn't hold grudges and neither do I. We tend to give one another a cooling off period and usually whoever causes the rift....reaches out and it's forgotten. Or, if apologies are needed, then they are given...and it's forgotten.
    • Relations of Duality also go through several stages. The first stage sometimes can be really tense. It is like a new engine that requires a "run in" first. If relations crumble it normally happens in the first stage. The more stages completed by Duals the more unbreakable their relationship.

    I can see where we both have evolved and yes it does appear to be in stages. So far, we haven't had repeated conflicts over and over again. Most have been due to not recognizing each other's personal likes/dislikes. (I hope that makes sense)
    • The magnetic effect of Duality becomes obvious when partners do not see each other for a while. Only after being together for a fair amount of time do the partners start realising how much they need each other.

    Hard to put this one in words. Although we don't spend a lot of time together, our attraction/connection strengthens as if we do.
    I find the description below to be one that best describes the relations that I have had with him much better from the website http://www.socionics.us/practice/duality.shtml:

    The phenomenon of duality and dualization

    What makes dual relations different from all others is that partners are
    fully rewarded psychologically for applying their strengths and being their normal selves. What is your "normal" self? — your path of least resistance, the way you do things when you stop monitoring yourself and stop thinking about how you should be acting. This "normal" behavior is what makes sense to duals and what doesn't make sense to most other people at a close psychological distance.

    As such, dual relations are highly
    therapeutic. Partners gradually discover their "true" selves and gain an understanding of their inner emotional and psychological territory, their interaction styles, what things they need in other people, and what other people need them for. This understanding is objective because it comes through the other person, who sees aspects of his or her partner's functioning that are inaccessible to the other's awareness under normal conditions. This understanding and the "balancing out" that occurs in dual relations facilitates stable self-awareness in partners, who gradually learn to control what is going on in their external and internal life. This creates optimal conditions for developing one's strengths and achieving other goals in life.

    The word "
    dualization" refers to the harmonizing process that occurs through extended close interaction with one's duals. People who had duals in their immediate family growing up are naturally quite a bit "in tune" to their duals' wavelength, while those who did not may be profoundly affected by their first experience of duality.

    The concept of duality has always existed as an
    archetype — the idea of becoming "whole" through another person, of finding one's "other half." This implies a psychological coalescense that goes beyond the biological need to reproduce. Presumably, each normal psyche has the structural prerequisites for experiencing this phenomenon. Of course, "dual love" is more than the hormone bath of infatuation, which drives one to acquire a certain partner, but then usually leaves partners wondering what they found in each other after it passes. Dual partners continue to render each other very specific and competent psychological "services" even after infatuation has passed, and continue to find enjoyment in each other's company. This stage is often called "companionship love" in psychological literature.
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    ESTP - The Doers

    I think ENFJ is ISTP's dual because we have the same exact functions (different order), and I argue with my ENFJ friends plenty but I can never stay serious.

    The only time I got mad at my ENFJ friend was because he got in my bed and curled up in my blankets commenting on how warm and soft it was while I was at my desk trying to study for an exam. I looked at him angrily, then started laughing and said, "get the hell out of here."

    I still remember one night when he and I had 3 exams and a paper due the next day. We were in his room and he was flipping a shit over how we'd never get stuff done. I just take a deep breath and say, "cut it out, you're making ME nervous now." He reaches into a drawer full of cinnamon bread and says, "ok, for the next five minutes, we're going to be happy and just eat this bread."


    My old programming study group was comprised of 2 ENFJ's and myself. I would sit back and be lazy while they flip through pages of a book to find some equation or command. I would then input the data and solve the program. When I couldn't find a way, I would say, "alright guys, think of a different solution." They would both fall asleep after about 20 seconds in perfect sync with one another.

    Also, its incredibly easy for me to make them laugh. I'll just say something retarded like, "fuck priests... with their wafers and shit," and they'd burst out laughing.
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