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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Point of View

    Anonymous asked: My friends constantly say that I'm "full of mysteries" and quite frankly, I don't know what they're talking about. I don't think I intentionally hide things from them, or act mysterious in any way. And this is coming from friends who have known me for some time. I've read that ISTPs are usually seen as aloof and mysterious but I really don't understand. Could you elaborate?

    Ok this is a little tricky to answer in a way that doesnít make us out to be elitist assholes, so many things can factor into that, but let me take a shot at it.

    Basically most people will share anything with close friends, Iím not just talking secrets, and inner thoughts, Iím talking about where they went for breakfast or what shoes theyíre thinking of buying. We arenít big on sharing, especially not everyday banalities that donít even ping our radar. ISTPís arenít like that, we donít care about things we consider frivolous and thus assume that no one else would either, so why would you detail your everyday plans to someone else when you donít consider it interesting or important?

    Itís not that you are being Ďmysteriousí you just donít have much to say. Which is only worse when you consider an ISTPís more reserved nature and go with the flow attitude. Most of the time, unless something is going directly against your desires or code of ethics ISTPís will go along to get along, and even then when you disagree with something you are more likely to leave than get confrontational about it. And that type of mentality means we donít have much to contribute to conversations about making plans, or group decisions.

    Then there is the emotional aspect we tend to happily ignore. When it comes to 'sharingí and our feelings most of us just go 'yeah, no,í and walk away. For most ISTPís emotions are messy at best and irrelevant at worst. We are a logical people and nothing quite fucks with logic like emotion. We also consider impartial information superior to feeling based opinions, so our mode of thinking doesnít automatically engage the 'how does this situation/thing make you feelí filter most people have. We donít even consciously form that opinion most of the time, thereís really no way to share what, to us, doesnít exist.

    We also have to take into account our tendency to hang back and observe. Constant analysis is natural to us and we seldom notice we are doing so. It usually takes someone asking an explicit question and the resulting word dump to draw your own attention to all of the information youíve gathered. We are constantly busy in our own heads and have evolved a blank expression out of sheer self defense. If we let our facial expressions match our thought process exactly we would probably all be committed.

    ISTPís follow thoughts to their natural conclusion, and assume others do as well. I mean really painfully obvious things, like you wouldnít tell someone to lock the door when they leave since theyíre the last ones home because 'duh, what else would they do?í. This assumption that so many things are painfully obvious itís pointless to actually talk about it also ties into our more 'mysterious veneerí. Because people donít think the way we do.

    I could probably keep going on about this subject at length, but these are the basics. I hope this helps!

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Bonus :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoel.fahmi View Post
    Bonus :D
    This appeals to me.

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnian Devil View Post
    This appeals to me.
    compact but useful
    How about this?
    [INTP and ISTP walking down school corridor]
    INTP: [uncharacteristically waves at someone they know as they pass]
    The Person: [stares at INTP as they pass but doesn't respond in any way]
    INTP: See, ISTP, even if I try to be sociable it just doesn't work.
    ISTP: Don't even try, it's not worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoel.fahmi View Post
    compact but useful
    How about this?
    Indeed. As for the last part, I know it's just another stereotypical joke, but I don't exactly agree with the idea that trying to socialize isn't worth it. Socializing may be draining but it does help me get to where I want to be in life. My career requires me to network with people, and if I don't, I'm missing out on things that could further my goals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnian Devil View Post
    This appeals to me.
    I have a loft bed. The desk is the same size as the mattress, but it's covered in so many projects it's practically unusable. I also have loads of stuff stored under it. My room is likely the densest room in the house.

    I'm rather resourceful, and I will be moving out soon and am therefore building up a shop while I have time, but I can only store things in my room. I may have a MIG welder in here soon too. (At least I got the Land Cruiser bumper out of here, but that was for work).

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