2017 Mafioso Awards

2017 Mafioso Awards

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This is a discussion on 2017 Mafioso Awards within the Mafia forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; It's that time again! The 2017 Mafioso Awards! Time to relive your favorite moments from the past year! Nominate your ...

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    2017 Mafioso Awards

    It's that time again!

    The 2017 Mafioso Awards!

    Time to relive your favorite moments from the past year! Nominate your favorites from 2017. We're not keeping track of votes, this is just for fun and to acknowledge the highlights of the past year. And feel free to add your own categories!

    Previous years:

    The games of 2017:


    Extended Micro/turbo games:


    Best Town Performance - Single Player
    That Player who singlehandedly won That Game for town with flair and finesse, or just good old-fashioned grit and determination. State which game with the nomination.

    Best Mafia Performance - Single Player
    That Player who singlehandedly won That Game for mafia with flair and finesse, or just good old-fashioned grit and determination. State which game with the nomination.

    Best 3P Performance - Single Player
    That Player who singlehandedly won That Game as 3P with flair and finesse, or just good old-fashioned grit and determination. State which game with the nomination.

    Best Town Player
    If you're scum, you need to kill them asap. If you're town, you need to keep them alive and help them do their thing. Maybe they've got great reads, maybe they've got great leadership skills, maybe they've got great teeth.

    Best Scum Player
    If you're town, you want them dead. Sadly, that probably isn't going to happen for you any time soon. They've got a certain knack for dodging lynches, sounding innocent, manipulating their friends or hunting PT.

    Best Special Player
    Player who excels at power roles (cop, doctor, etc.) and/or third party roles.

    Best Mechanics/Strategical Player
    Player who excels at figuring out game mechanics and using it to their advantage and/or player who excels at planning and strategizing for their team.

    Best New Player
    That new kid on the block, who joined in 2016 and has since proceeded to blow everyone away with their talent for subterfuge, murder and deceit.

    Best Replacement Player
    That person you turn to when all your players are abandoning ship. Who will read a 150-page thread just to get NKed straight away by the opposition's fear.

    Most Dedicated Player
    Player who consistently gives it their all, whether it works out or not.

    Most Entertaining/Enjoyable Player
    Player who is just generally awesome and fun to play with.

    Best All-Around Player
    Player who excels in all roles.


    Best Town Performance - Group
    Town team who did exceedingly well in a specific game. Include the game with your nomination.

    Best Scum/Neutral Performance - Group
    Mafia or 3P team who did exceedingly well in a specific game. Include the game with your nomination.


    Best Host
    Player who excels at hosting games overall, including designing well-balanced, fun and creative setups, writing good flavor, being dependable and fair in dealing with issues, taking care of players, being thorough, etc.

    Best Flavor Writer
    Host/helper/co-host who excels at writing funny, creative or otherwise awesome flavor stories/texts for games.

    Best New Mechanic/Role/Setup Idea
    Awarded to a person who came up with a very creative, funny or otherwise impressive mechanic, role or setup idea.

    Best Game
    Game that was designed and/or hosted exceedingly well in addition to being an enjoyable and fun experience for the players.

    Best Co-Mod
    That comod you absolutely could not live without, who handles the day end with no warning when you forget about it, answers all the questions you haven't thought of the answers to yet, and doesn't complain once.

    Funniest Moment
    Funniest moment/event/day/happening/interaction in a mafia game.

    Best Fake Claim
    Maybe it won the game, maybe it bought some needed time, or maybe it was so bad it was good,
    but it wasn't real.

    Biggest Game-Changer
    An event/day/happening in a mafia game that changed the course of the rest of the game
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    Worst moment: opening my role to see that red lettering for the first time in two years.

    Lotta good town teams this year. I thought PerC Fun House had a really great town, everyone working together.

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    Though I will probably not have that much to say. I've been away for large chunks of the year and haven't played much. Though graveyarded some. lol I think The Bach is the only actual mafia game of normal size that I've played as an actual player this year on this site. (as in GoT not actually being mafia but a different kind of game)

    Was Jungle Desthro's first game? In that case Desthro for best Newbie.

    It actually feels like we haven't had that many newbies this year who have stuck around much. Or I'm just not realising when people started and what they have played.

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    Best Town Performance - BWN in Assault on Midway

    Best Mafia Performance - Desthro in Monopoly

    Best 3P Performance - Void in Bachelorette

    Best town player - Pozzai

    Best scum player - Dyslexicon

    Most entertaining player - Dyslexicon

    Best all-around player - Pozzai

    Best town performance - Assault on Midway

    Best mafia performance - Mafia Academy II

    Best flavor writer -

    Best comod - Void

    Biggest game changer - Daleks in M*A*S*H*

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    Thanks but I don't think I was the best town in Midway. I agree though and say

    Best Town: Assault on Midway or Stranger Things.

    Best fake claim: I'd say @Azure Dreamer claiming Mason. We didn't win but he gave us an extra day and stopped 3p from winning. He even convinced the real Mason who knew he was lying lol.

    I guess the turbos don't count cos I was gonna say most entertaining for Gnome in Azures game at Christmas where she claimed cop after people told her it was Darc then claimed to have me as a scum peek hahaha @Glenda Gnome Starr

    I have to think of others and/or new entertaining player o/ it's fun to congratulate though

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    Biggest game changer - Daleks in M*A*S*H*, indeed.

    The outcome of the game was entirely in her control.

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    Best town performance - Team: Assault on Midway

    Best new mechanic:
    NotPerc: I really enjoyed the idea of bases so that everyone had a chance to be power town.
    President of Perc: I enjoyed all the mechanics in this game a lot.

    Best Scum Performance - single player: Halycon in Dark Knight Rises

    Best Flavor Writer - Gnome

    I'll add more later when I have time (also, I played or watched a lot of mafia last year ).

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    Best Flavor writer:
    @Glenda Gnome Starr (for everything lol) @Chris (Deadpool <3)

    Best co-mod:
    This was tough because Chris, Gnome and @Lizabeth have all been amazing to host with. I'd basically never host without Chris<3, Lizabeth massively stepped up when I lost qt access during a work trip and Gnome practically ran Lol!Brits while I flaked due to work travel etc

    Best Town: Deadpool, because it was everyone pulling their weight and trusting others reads and boxing mafia out <333

    Game Changing Moment @Azure Dreamer shooting Bibbon in popcorn, practically locked the game

    Best 3P performance (team to be different) @Moonious & Chris winning as chiefs, I didn't follow the whole game, but saw them both fighting to win and playing conflicting win cons is really hard

    Best replacement player @AshOrLey @RubberDuckDudette for subbing in to a mafia team that was being ~slaughtered and winning <3

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    Best town performance - Team: Assault on Midway

    Best new mechanic: @Owner Of A Lonely Heart NotPerc: the bases were fun to mess with people lol

    Best Flavor Writer - @Glenda Gnome Starr

    Best 3P Performance - @lol Void in Bachelorette

    Best Scum Performance- @AshOrLey in lolbritts deaerves mention and halcyon dark night rises

    Best New Player- @Kaboomz

    Most Entertaining/Enjoyable Player- tie for @Kaboomz @Dyslexicon

    Best Mechanics/Strategical Player - (myself?) Desthro (GOT)

    Best Scum/Neutral Performance - Group - Desthro (GOT)

    Biggest Game-Changer- turbo shooting ribbon, non turbo dizzy getting killed and the watcher catching them assault on midway

    Have others I'm thinking over.

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    I agree with town doing well in Assault on Midway.
    One of the best scum performances I've seen is @Halcyon playing Traitor in Dark Knight Rises. Also want to mention @kaleidoscope for great scum play in Of the Jungle.
    I can think of several game changing plays: Azure choosing to shoot Bibbon in the Popcorn game, Void getting shot by SK Clov in 7 minutes in Heaven, scum choosing to target me N1 in Assault at Midway in spite of warnings, Chesire deciding to change her vote at the very last moment in the Christmas Lover game. All of it - such drama.
    Shout out to @Glenda Gnome Starr , @BFG , @pivot_turn who are players I can think of who are enjoyable, plays the game and avoids getting caught up in drama.
    Maybe it's just me, but it seems that the Town side is doing better in many games lately, at least compared to how I remember it from way back. As PerC is a site dedicated to explore the different perspectives of the mind that shouldn't come as a surprise. Good town teamplay is great, and I've experienced that in 2017 - so yay! Scum will just have to be even sneakier and more unapologetic this year. :3

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