Cognitive Function Conversations, Mafia Style!

Cognitive Function Conversations, Mafia Style!

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This is a discussion on Cognitive Function Conversations, Mafia Style! within the Mafia forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; As requested! Here is a thread to share all the funny internal struggles between cognitive functions while playing mafia! Don't ...

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    Cognitive Function Conversations, Mafia Style!

    As requested! Here is a thread to share all the funny internal struggles between cognitive functions while playing mafia! Don't forget to post your type.

    As an example:


    Ni: It's totally this person.
    Te: Are you sure? How do you know? They seem to have good logic
    Fi: tone seems fine.
    Ni: often have I been wrong? It's definitely this person.
    Te: You said that last time...but you weren't right.
    Ni: I COULD have been though! I just didn't have all the right information. I blame Se.
    Se: What? I gave you everything I had, I can't help if no one listens to me.
    Fi: Ni, be nice to Se. You know how Se gets when they're hangry.
    Ni: Fine...but it's still this person.
    Te: Yeah...maybe I can see it...these couple of posts seem inconsistent with what is happening in the thread.
    Fi: Yeah, and I didn't like their tone in this one post...maybe Ni is right.
    Ni: Of course I'm right! I'm always right!*

    *Except when I'm not.

    (several hours later)

    Ni: Guys...I might have changed my mind. Se just gave me this new info...
    Te: Come on Se...I just built a case on this person...
    Fi: And now I feel bad for pushing them because they are probably I said before...Ni, you should listen to me and Te.
    Se: What? This is not my fault. I'm hungry. HOW CAN I FOCUS WHEN I'M HUNGRY!?!
    Te: Se, stop being so dramatic...we ate...well...hmm...okay fine. We should eat...the last time we ate was 24 hours ago.
    Te: Wait...where'd Ni go?
    Ni: (stops zoning out) oh, what? did you say something?
    Te: We have to eat, Se is hungry, and you know how much it upsets Fi when Se is hangry.
    Te: Eggs, you're getting eggs because that's all I can make in 5 minutes now that you're urgently hungry and upsetting everyone else. Shit...Ni, can you please just focus on what's going on right now and help me out here?
    Ni: But guys! it's definitely this person! I'm looking at it from a different angle, and totally makes sense if I look at it this way!

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    Me (ENFP) with my functions at the start of a mafia game (assuming I haven't sighed up for a game when I'm too busy and/or stressed to be playing mafia )

    Te: Okay, guys, it's time to play some mafia.
    Ne: Wheeee! This is gonna be fun!
    Fi: Hush. Te is trying to organize us. Pay attention.
    Si: hey, guys remember that time when we played mafia with X, Y, and Z and we did that thing? That was fun, right?
    Te: Yeah, yeah, that was great. Let's focus, okay? This is serious business.
    Te and Fi: *sigh*
    Te: Okay, so Ne, I want you to go out there and stir some things up, see what you can find. Then feed the data back to Fi so she can sort through what we should be paying attention to, okay? I'll come up with a plan based on what you two find and figure out what we do next? Okay?
    Ne: woohooo! Okay, let's do this!
    Fi: Just try to focus, okay? I need good data to analyze, so don't screw it up!
    Si: What about me?
    Te: Eh. I guess you can help out me and Fi. Just compare what Ne brings back to your database and we'll figure out what's important and what makes sense to push some more.
    Ne: hahahaha! This is fun! so i noticed that when I did my thing, X did this, and Y did that, and Z did something else. Do you think any of that matters?
    Si: Y always does that, though.
    Fi: True. But I kind of FEEL like it FEELS a bit different this time.
    Te: How so?
    Fi: I don't know. I just FEEL that it's different.
    Te:....okay, whatever. Ne, go poke Y a little bit more and see what pops out.
    Si: But what about Z's something else? That's weird. I've never seen them do that before.
    Fi: Yeah, but I don't FEEL like it's that important.
    Te: Meh. Okay, Fi, why don't you tag team with Ne and see what you can figure out about what Z is doing too. X's this doesn't really make sense as scum, so let's put that on the back-burner for now.
    Ne: But what if it's SOMETHING!
    Te: Then we'll deal with it later. You have your orders!
    Ne Fi Si: Yes ma'am!


    Sometime after d1 when everything's confusing and I'm starting to get tired with the game and I'm wondering why I even signed up:

    Ne: I don't even knowwwwww anymore, guyzzz! Anything is possible! What if X's thing was all an elaborate ploy because they KNEW that we'd think that they wouldn't do that as scum, and we're just ignoring it right now. What if we're wrong about EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Fi: OMG, did you see what Z just said?
    Ne: Or what if we're RIGHT about everything? OMG, I can't breathe....
    Te: Relax you two.
    Fi: But that made no fricking sense! Z is trying to say that [fill in the blank]
    Fi: I know, RIGHT? I'M OFFENDED! Z is totally insulting you!!!
    Si: Uh...guys
    Ne: Guys! Guys! Guys! What if Z is scum, and they said that to confuse us and make us think they can't be scum, because scum would never say that, HUH?
    Si: Uh....guys? Remember....
    Ne: Or maybe...MAYBE they're just town and I'm over thinking this...I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!!
    Fi: Seriously! We're not just letting that go, right? We should go FiTe 'em!
    Si: Uh...remember the last time that happened though?
    Fi: YES! *pulls out a bat and hands Te a sledgehammer* LET'S DO THIS! FiTe! FiTe! FiTe!FiTe!
    Si: But guys! Wait! Remember all those other times you did this and it totally screwed things up and we regretted it and...
    *Si realizes Fi and Te are totally not listening and have already gone into the thread, swinging*
    Si: Oh dear...that...will...probably not end well. I guess I'll have to add this one to the database and hope they pay attention to it next time...
    Ne: AHHHHHHHH! I KNOW NOTHING!!! *Ne collapseS on the floor from exhaustion*
    Si: *Sigh*

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    ESFP functions attempt to play Mafia!

    Day one:

    Te: Let's figure out who the scum are.

    Se: Later. Let's go look at the pretty snow.
    Ni: If you do that, you will come back and find yourself lynched. I have a feeling. I can't put it into words yet. You must channel me because I don't want to tell you.
    Se: The snow is glittering like diamonds. Let's go look at the river.
    Fi: Don't you want to help town? You'll be so sad if your team loses. You must focus on your wincon.
    Te: No one is listening to me.
    Se: Now, I need a snack.
    Fi: If I must die for town, it is a sacrifice well worth making.
    Ni: Listen to your heart. You will hear me speak.
    Te: At the rate that you're going, you'll get your chocolate after your imminent lynch.
    Ni: Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Te: I know, I know, I know!!! (writes reads list without help of other functions and votes... someone)
    Se: I want to look at the river now!!!
    Fi, Te, and Ni: All right. You can have your way now, you demanding pain in the butt.
    Se: Hahahahaha!

    Day two:
    Te: We avoided the lynch yesterday, but the player who led our wagon is now a dead PT. And it looks like we had the motive, means, and opportunity to commit murder at night.
    Se: I didn't kill at night. I was in the kitchen looking for a snack.
    Fi: I would never kill at night! Well, maybe not never, but still...
    Ni: I have a feeling. A vague sense. There was something fishy going on with...
    Te: Why are you stopping? You always stop! How can I lead by myself? I don't get any exercise and I am weak. I NEED YOUR HELP!
    Se: I feel like doing a happy dance. Can we solve the game later? A happy dance is far more fun.
    Ni: You're too noisy.
    Se: You're even noisier. It's time for tea.
    Fi: It hurts me to the core that we are being accused of the nightkill.
    Fi: That is a lie. How many scum games have you played in the last five months?
    Se: The only game that matters is this one. We are town! Wow, that was exhausting. I think that I'll make a sandwich.
    Ni: I know who did it. I'm just telling Te because Ms. Dominant Se and Ms. Tertiary Fi are too attention hungry and you'll make us forget.
    Te: That's it. I'm posting. You can wait for your sandwich.
    Se: Whimper.

    Day 3(after the NK):
    Te: Haha, we weren't lynched.
    Ni: But we...
    Fi: Are...
    Se: Dead.
    Se (posts "gah")

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    Fe: hey let's have fun and win for our team. \o/

    Fe: i should be saying something got anything for me ti? ni?

    Ti: *whispers to Ni*

    Ni* *whispers to Ti*

    Ni: *takes a nap*

    Fe: oh comeon!!! give me something or we can't help our teammates win!

    Ti: how about A>>Y?

    Fe: ok and what about Z the final part?

    Ti: good enough others can finish this i've done enough heavy lifting *takes nap*

    Se: hey this person has been acting this way and doing these things.

    Fe: good job Se now how can i use that?

    Se: sorry i just call it as I see it

    Fe: fine ill see what this mess does

    Fe: *this is a bad report but maybe someone will pick up*

    Fe: this person is acting like their town self we should defend them

    Ni at randomly bad moment: Hey I got this idea for you!

    Ti: hey and if you do these steps!

    Se: lets do it! yolo \o/

    Fe: I hate you all this is never working

    One (mis)lynch later:

    Fe: I hope your all happy with yourselves on that

    se: not me

    fe: shut up se your happy doing stuff no matter what.


    fe: ...

    ni se ti: why didn't you listen to us!!! see , we were right:


    correct lynch

    Fe: you guys are so awesome I <3 so glad i trusted you \o/

    Day 1:

    Fe: hey guys going to be helping out today? :D


    Fe: guys i need something!!!


    Fe: damn it, making stuff is not my strong suite.

    Ni, Se, Ti: why are you doing that!?!?!


    Yeah trying to engage others instead of trying to go solo istp doesn't work well

    ni ti se: this is the answer this has to be it!!! *charge*

    Fe: wait!!! shouldn't we check this first with others!!!

    ni ti se: overruled fe!!! *ties up and gags fe*

    se: charge!

    ni ti: \o/ we can do it

    Fe: *muffled cries*

    later when proven wrong:

    ni ti se:

    fe: *glares*

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    Grim: Alright, so what do we think? What's interesting here?

    Ni: Well, Te and Se have gathered some intel and I've gone over it and it's pointing to this.

    Grim: Any other options here? Did you consult the other functions?

    Ni: Not that We see.

    Grim: Did you consult Ne? What does Ne think?

    Ni: *crosses fingers* Of course, We did. Ne agrees with Us.

    Grim: Very well. How did you arrive at this conclusion?



    Ni: See! Look, that post they just made. It confirms Our assessment.

    Grim: Yes, it seems to. Still, the question on the table is how did you reach that assessment? What do the other functions think?



    Ni: Okay... well... you see, in a game 3 years ago that player said X, but now they're saying Y. Si says to tell you this is a significant change. If you consider that they're scum it makes sense because of a post from this other player. Oh, and that's a thing too. They're both teamed. So if you look at it from that stand point... and consider-- LOOK! Another post from them that confirms Our suspicion. They're scum! They damn themselves with every word!

    Grim: Okay. Fine, fine. How do we feel about this conclusion?

    Ni: Fi is in total agreement.

    Grim: Is this true Fi?

    Fi: What? Oh. That. You know I really don't care... it's whatever you guys think. I'm busy laughing at this player trying to get Us lynched. I mean... it's total bullshit. We all know it. But it's so cute. I want to pinch their cheek. Pinch their cheek for me.

    Grim: No.

    Fi: Well... at least encourage them. You know We have a soft spot for the underdog. Plus, We haven't had a good scrap in ages. The last time was when Sonn--

    Ni: Player X is going after Player Y! We think Player Y is our Cop.

    Grim: I'll handle this. In the meantime Ni, figure out how you arrived at this conclusion and providing supporting information. Brainstorm with Fe. We need to figure out how we're going to sell this lynch to--

    Ni & Fi: Force of will.

    Grim: ...everyone else.

    Ni & Fi: Force of will.

    Grim: Alright, that works. It's probably for the best anyway, Ni sucks at explaining stuff.

    Ni: ...

    Grim: You also need to learn to cooperate better with the other functions.

    Ni: Yes, Grim.

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    It goes something like...

    (Fi) I feel like something's wrong with this person's tone and interaction with others. It's a little off and they don't seem genuine.
    (Se) Show that bitch the receipts and push them til they crack!!
    (Ni) You'll immediately regret that decision
    (Te) Now look at all the evidence you left that makes you look scummy. Congrats.

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    Or, the alternative.

    (Fi) The best approach to this game is to maintain a low profile, evaluate the relationships between players and survive until you're confident enough to call out the whole scum team/take control of the game.

    Fi was easily convinced. Ni is now panicking. Te found bloody and beaten in a ditch.

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    "Show that bitch the receipts"? &#x1f606;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizabeth View Post
    "Show that bitch the receipts"? &#x1f606;
    lol. Gay/drag queen slang for giving them the evidence.

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    Cognitive functions, when they dislike each other:
    Se: I'm tired of you, Fi. Your values annoy me. That's because you're scum.
    Fi: You would rather make snow angels than help me use my values to find the scum. You distract me from scum hunting. There is no doubt that you are scum.
    Ni: I just sense scum between the two of you.
    Te (cackling): Haha, they don't suspect me. NK: all of them

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