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Mafia Forum Rules

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This is a discussion on Mafia Forum Rules within the Mafia forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; The game of Mafia fosters a unique and fun-loving community, and as such, we want players to feel welcome and ...

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    Mafia Forum Rules

    The game of Mafia fosters a unique and fun-loving community, and as such, we want players to feel welcome and safe playing here. While emotions can run high in games, please remember it is a game and that the purpose of playing is to enjoy it. Players who violate the rules are subject to sanctions.

    Mafia Forum Rules

    1) apply.

    2) Do not make any post or start any thread with the intention of abusing, ridiculing, insulting, offending, antagonizing, harassing, trolling, or upsetting any other user on this site.

    3) Play to win the game. When you sign up for a game, you agree to play to the wincon (win condition) of the role you are assigned.

    4) Do not quote or screen cap private messages (PM) or quick topic (QT) communications wit
    h the moderator into the game thread, particularly your role PM. Likewise, do not use bbcode or hidden text to hide secret messages in the game thread.

    5) Do not talk outside the mafia game thread, moderator-designated QTs, or the graveyard about an ongoing game.

    6) Do not bring outside influences into the game. This includes threats, bribes, wagers, promises, alliances, etc. Using knowledge from previous games is perfectly acceptable, but do not carry grudges from one game to another.

    7) Attack arguments, not players. Within a game, criticism of another player's play is acceptable, making it personal is not, and may result in action by a moderator. Outside a game, determination of the intention of the poster will be made by a moderator.

    8) Quick Topic game chats are made public when a mafia game ends. When you sign up for a game, you implicitly agree to release the information in your game chat. Please be aware that they will not remain private and post accordingly.

    9) PerC Mafia Game QTs will be fully moderated by PerC forum staff and forum rules apply. Game Moderators need to make QTs available to an active Mafia Moderator and the Mafia forum moderator.

    10) Do not edit your game posts. While only forum moderators are currently able to edit posts, it should still be stated.

    11) Do not post in the game thread after you are eliminated or replaced from a game. Some moderators allow one "Bah!" or "Gah!" post, but you should never reveal game-related information once you are eliminated. Most game moderators will create a graveyard QT for eliminated players and spectators to secretly discuss an on-going game. All communications in the graveyard are private until the game officially ends.

    12) Game moderators have the option to restrict problematic players from playing their games. Conversely, if you do not trust the game moderator, do not sign up for their game.

    13) Only two games will be run at the same time in the order specified in the Mafia game que

    Signups for a new mafia game will start after the previous game is over. The signups for a subsequent, concurrent game can only begin after the previous game's slots are filled.

    14) Mafia forum mods call the shots and are fallible. If you disagree with a decision, please PM the moderator in charge. If you disagree with a game mod's decisions, PM them. If needed, you can PM a mafia forum moderator as well for their opinion on the dispute. Just remember: keep such things to PMs, not public posts.

    Have fun. Always.

    If you believe a player has broken the rules in a game, please PM the game moderator, and if necessary, a mafia forum moderator.
    if a player has broken PerC forum rules report the post using the triangle at the bottom of the offending post.
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    @ENTrePreneur will be taking an enforced break from the Mafia forum due to continued player conflicts involving rule #2 of the above list and rule #11 of the old list. The enforced break will last 4 games starting with Mafia Newbie XIX: TMNT, which he was no longer moderating due to moderating conflicts. This notice came after that outcome and had nothing to do with what transpired there.

    If you have questions or concerns about this notice, you may contact me through PM for further discussion.

    Edit from Dear Sigmund

    Enforced break extended to 8 games due to Entre deleting the moderators QT
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    ENTrePenuer has been banned from the Mafia subforum due to continued harassing/trolling/insulting other members.

    Please do not discuss this in the threads. PM myself or Pucca if you have questions

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    I want to remind all players/participants in the Mafia Forum to review the rules that are posted both for the forum (as posted in the original post here) and for each game. I was very concerned to see the actions of certain players in a recent game that either violated the posted rules or violated the spirit of ethical play.

    I have consulted with experienced forum moderators (including Dear Sigmund, who graciously gave me her time even though she's no longer a member here) and I have also discussed the concerns with each of the players involved, and after due consideration the following penalties are being applied:

    @TimeWillTell will be suspended from participating in mafia games for the next 3 games (in game or in graveyard) due to a violation of rule #6 above.

    @Morfinyon will also be suspended from participating in mafia games for the next 3 games (in game or in graveyard) due to a violation of rule #4 above.

    Morfinyon's game that is currently in the game queue will also be suspended and held in a reserve list until such a time as the period of suspension is over and he has met the other posted requirements regarding the moderator's queue.

    Again, I ask everyone to please take note of the rules of the forum and respect them. And not just the rules, but the spirit of the rules. The rules are there to promote fairness and enjoyment in our games, and enforcing the rules helps protect the integrity of our forum and our forum's reputation.

    If you have any questions or concerns about these decisions, please do not discuss them in this thread, and instead PM me about them.
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    I'm going to repeat this reminder, because @Clovdyx and I would really prefer not to have to routinely be making these kinds of rulings/posts: I want to remind all players/participants in the Mafia Forum to review the rules that are posted for the mafia subform (as posted in the original post here and as posted by each individual game mod. Updates to the rules will be posted here in this thread as well as in the Announcements thread.

    After reviewing actions that took place in the recently completed Mass Paranoia game:

    After discussing the matter with @BlueChristmas06 , we have decided that he will be suspended from participating in mafia games for the next 3 games (in game or in graveyard) due to violations of rules #11 and #14 above, as per the following and other posts:


    After discussing the matter with @psychedelicmango , we have decided that she will be suspended from participating in mafia games for the next 2 games, due to violations of rules #11 (posting game-related comments after being eliminated from the game) #5 (discussing issues related to the game in the mafia chit-chat thread) and #14 (discussing a mod decision about an ongoing game outside of private communication with the game or forum mods). She is, however, free to sign up to participate in graveyards during the period of suspension if she chooses to do so.
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    @TimeWillTell @Morfinyon @psychedelicmango , you are now okay to sign up for games again.

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    @BlueChristmas06 you are now free to sign up for any game beginning after Cue's TV Tropes


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