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This is a discussion on Mafia Chit Chat within the Mafia forums, part of the The Cafe Lounge category; Originally Posted by Pucca As an experienced moderator, you don't. We just need to know type of setup (and other ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pucca View Post
    As an experienced moderator, you don't. We just need to know type of setup (and other minimal info requested) to put it in the appropriate queue.
    Then okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pucca View Post
    The other one has been open for two years and is huge. Time for a fresh start. After all, this is the day for changes.
    Pfff, only ~7400 posts. That's only about 1000 posts more than the K-Celeb Mafia game.

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    The old chit chat thread will remain in our memories. TIME TO PARTY IN THIS ONE!

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    you can remove me from the sign-ups. I never really even started planning for my game, despite it actually technically being up a couple months back actually (before I pushed it down the list), and I only put my name on there in case I wanted to mod because I knew by the time I was sure I would have lost a lot of time and would have to wait even longer for a potential game I wanted to mod to finally top the list.

    I think with the new changes this problem could be alleviated a bit because I get the feeling this may have been a bit of a trend. The last minute scramble does seem like a disservice and I'd want to plan more properly if I were to eventually mod :P.

    Also yay, new chitchat thread! I agree the other one was getting too long.

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    [Some number post declaration]

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    @PolexiaSmallPox I hope the girl that fell is okay.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dormer View Post
    IT'S BROCOLI AND CARROT TIME! BROCOLI AND CARROT TIME. (Cheesy remix of Peanut Butter & Jelly time)

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