Guys, guys, guys. The most important question. - Page 8

Guys, guys, guys. The most important question.

View Poll Results: What kinda guy are you?

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  • Boxers

    64 33.33%
  • Briefs

    26 13.54%
  • Neither

    20 10.42%
  • Both

    27 14.06%
  • Panties (guys)

    9 4.69%
  • I'm a girl.

    72 37.50%
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This is a discussion on Guys, guys, guys. The most important question. within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Boxer Briefs!!!! The delightful combo of both....

  1. #71

    Boxer Briefs!!!! The delightful combo of both.
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  2. #72

    Girl, but I say boxers.

  3. #73

    Why no boxer briefs option? Both.
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  5. #74


    What is the point of wearing boxers when you're wearing pants. @[email protected] Its just uncomfortable and the boxers ride up the legs and you have to pull them back down again and they itch and they make you hot and they're pretty much just a pair of shorts. So its like wearing shorts under a pair of pants. Blegh

  6. #75

    The combination boxer-briefs are great. You get the "hang loose" deal the boxers provide, but the extra comport and support from briefs. It's like the best of both worlds, if I do say so myself
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  7. #76

    well, actually I wear boxer briefs, but chose briefs because they are more closely related. They fit snug, don't chafe, and don't bunch up.

  8. #77

    I'm a lady, but I wear men's boxers from time to time. They're comfy and come in awesome designs! Don't you go judging me now!

  9. #78

    What about the man-thong? There were no options for that XD
    And if a women's underwear thread hasn't happened yet, someone's gotta do it LOL

  10. #79

    lol neither its boxer briefs, i'm 24 not 14

  11. #80

    Briefs. As someone said, boxers are like wearing shorts under the pants.

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