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any of other INFP's dislike hot, warm weather?

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This is a discussion on any of other INFP's dislike hot, warm weather? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Well, I always preferred the moon. I almost loved this reserved, soft and charming appearence of it. The sun always ...

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    Well, I always preferred the moon. I almost loved this reserved, soft and charming appearence of it.

    The sun always appeared to me, like this noisy people, who want to get intentions and it's hard to be hide from.

    And yes I like the softer weather much more, too. Like, the autumn, some people find the season so sad and melancholic, but it is so colourful on the other hand. Or the spring, always reminds me of new beginning and freedom.

    And sunrise and sunset, too. Maybe because, sunset means for me a new beginning too and sunset, does remind me about the really important things (people you love, etc.).

    But nontheless I like storms, too. It's so fascinating to me.
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    I enjoy the sun it does literally brighten my day and makes me happy, though when it is cold. I truly resent hot days and more so if the heat is accompanied by humidity. I had a trip to Texas in the summer when I was twelve, needless to say it was terrible(the climate that is). Hot, wet air, warm rain(never new beforehand had even existed), hot nights, and warm water at beaches.

    When I see the moon I am reminded of what I did that day and what I hope to do. My ideal weather is cold and sunny or snowing. My preferred seasons are autumn and winter because the days get colder and shorter and you get to see the night longer. Longer nights mean more of the moon and all its majestic beauty. The moon at night has this very(I think) important difference between it and the sun. And that is when viewing the sun your eyes hurt and cannot appreciate it as much. Either way cold and sunny ideal, Hot and humid dreadful.

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    The sun pisses me off. There's nothing worse than starting my day* with a 40 minute drive to university feeling my arms burning within the vehicle and squinting my way to class. I even bought sun sleeves and sun glasses.

    It doesn't help that it's still 100 DEGREES OVER HERE ALL WEEK. IN SEPTEMBER.

    Meanwhile, cloudy days put me at ease. Easier to see, more comfortable on my skin. Makes me much less grumpy.

    *there are, in fact, worse ways to start one's day.
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    I find it rather intriguing that every INFP hitherto in this thread has shown great disapproval for hot and abundantly sunny weather. Makes me wonder if there's a possible connection to be seen in this phenomenon.

    I myself have thought to be INFP in the past, but if it holds true that such a type of people dislike hot and warm weather then I find the idea of being INFP far less likely. There is nothing better to me than a beaming sun, radiant and proud, engulfing the world beneath it, nor is anything better then basking in all it's warm glory. The hotter the air, the better it feels. It's the cold I like the least, although even the cold I can find enjoyable at times. To be honest, there isn't any season or weather that I truly do not love.

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    Hot weather makes me aggressive and depressed. I've thought about moving to a colder part of the world several times, honestly. I'd like to concur with the thing several people have mentioned, about the sun being like an extrovert and the moon like an introvert.

    OTOH I love rain storms, especially Spring showers. When it rains I get all happy sleepy and usually end up taking a nap. I would say my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.
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    I actually love hot weather. Why wouldn't you? Being surrounded by permeating sunlight is like being inside a bubble of happy. :\

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    I like weather to be between about 45 and 75 (max). Light rain. I prefer overcast to sunny any day. I am simply not made for the sun with my melanin levels (ie, I'm white as hell and I have blue eyes). I can handle a cold winter better than a hot summer.

    Summers here are usually 85 degrees to 110, it sucks. This summer was super hot, it started getting really warm in May and didn't really cool off until a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking I should live in Seattle instead of Chicago.
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    I actually love sunny weather although I like rainy days every now and then but I hate cold weather.

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    I hate hot weather, especially if it's humid. It just about kills me

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    I hate hot sunny weather. It is like a slap in the face, it makes me depressed. Best weather is in fall
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