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Which Personality Type do you think is the scariest when angry?

View Poll Results: Which Personality Type do you think is the scariest when angry?

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  • ENTJ

    5 11.11%
  • ENTP

    2 4.44%
  • ENFJ

    3 6.67%
  • ENFP

    2 4.44%
  • INTJ

    2 4.44%
  • INTP

    3 6.67%
  • INFJ

    1 2.22%
  • INFP

    8 17.78%
  • ISTJ

    0 0%
  • ISTP

    5 11.11%
  • ESTJ

    4 8.89%
  • ESTP

    4 8.89%
  • ISFJ

    0 0%
  • ISFP

    3 6.67%
  • ESFJ

    2 4.44%
  • ESFP

    1 2.22%
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This is a discussion on Which Personality Type do you think is the scariest when angry? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Which one am I most scared of personally? I'd vote for any of the NF's because if they intend to ...

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    Which one am I most scared of personally? I'd vote for any of the NF's because if they intend to hurt you in a fit of rage they are most likely to hit you where it hurts most. They'll go deep and twist you inside out and then some unless you've built up an immunity to it, I guess - which I have to some degree lol. I can realize that a person is saying something out of anger and isn't fully realizing just how hurtful it is even if they intended it to be hurtful in a moment though. If they knew, most likely they wouldn't say it. I don't expect people to be perfect. Anyway, that realization helps me remain calmer and take it a lot less personally when anger is being directed my way. Sometimes I do deserve it though if I provoked it (intentionally or accidentally) and in that case, it's not supposed to be funny but the situation sometimes makes me laugh lol. The fights we get in sometimes. The stupid things we say in a moment of tension. I guess it's my response to conflict. Lets try to put it in perspective and learn to laugh at ourselves.

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    I would like to suggest my own type (INFP) because I do think the combination of dom Fi + tert Si can be cruelly unforgiving.

    Personally, I have anger issues due to ADHD and I've never felt afraid of anyone's anger. Instead, I felt people should be afraid of me. I almost got choked by someone one time and I wasn't emotionally phased, I still wanted to hurt them. I've fantasized about hurting people. I've had to worry I might seriously hurt someone and get involved with the police. I've thought about how realistically I'd more likely lose a fight because I'm small, but I would go down trying my best. In my job, I've had to go face-to-face with aggressive people and I always wish I could do something to them. I satisfy myself by being dead certain something horrible will happen to them some day because they deserve it. If I had grown up in an abusive home, I believe I'd be dead because I'd be too rebellious. I have an aggressive cousin who's been eager to fight and I've thought about how ready I'd be. When I just see someone who is angry, I challenge them. There's no backing down.

    With that said, no I've never seriously hurt anyone because of years of painfully trained restraint. I scratched a relative in the face one time (he did bleed, but again, not too serious), but mostly I've thrown a few things around, punched some walls, and screamed out and growled while alone. I'm on medication now so things are under control, but if I miss a pill I might have an emotional outburst.

    I won't say INFPs are the scariest since there are 16 types and anything is possible, but they have to be ONE of the scariest.

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    Few things in this world are as terrifying as an ENFP who has truly lost their shit. There will be property damage.
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    It's interesting how a number of people are mentioning their own type or their mother's type. I suppose they're the people we know best.

    As a child, I watched my ISFP mother drag another woman to the ground by the hair at a shopping centre. The woman's daughter threatened my ESFP sister with violence and it escalated from there. This particular sister argues for sport. She probably started the fight in the first place. It was both disturbing and hilarious. LOL

    I voted ISFP, but my ISFJ father (a Clint Eastwood doppelganger) deserves an honourable mention as well. He turned into lobster man when he was angry, red face and flailing arms (similar to the robot from Lost in Space).

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    Extroverts will always be worse/scarier on average.
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    Not voting because I don't really have an opinion, but current results make me laugh - ISTP and INFP in the lead. People tell me I am scary when angry. I guess there is a big contrast between puffy floating along daydreamer and white-hot fireball. I used to have a lot of trouble with not just ripping into everyone with painful truths about hard situations. I think this is because my family has a tendency to not communicate openly about complicated issues. I learned my lesson over time and am better about not being hurtful. Now I try to just state my frustration and desire to address the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by leictreon
    INFPs, actually... they're the ones who become school shooters.
    While I understand in spirit, let's face it, that actually requires tactical planning, obtaining a firearm, knowing how to operate it, successfully concealing it, and then waiting to release the anger. I thoroughly question our competence in all of those areas. We'd be more likely to just stupidly hurl the nearest object.
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    I voted for ESTJ. They get really wild and inconsolable.
    Others told me that I'm very scary when angry, by the way. I'm INTP.

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    INFPs are by far the scariest. They become unhinged... I mean that Ne simply jumps from one idea to another and they just throw words, randomly speaking. They speak like they're possessed. Also, they can at any time turn violent. When I get an INFP angry, I usually look for exits and/or if they have any weapon at their disposal, up to and including forks.

    I'm an INTJ and not even angry ESTJs, ENTJs can intimidate me. But INFPs are scary! Maybe ENFPs are worse, but I've never seen an angry ENFP, so I'm not sure.

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    get the NFPs mad it will be hell.

    By that I mean when my INFP friends and I get into an argument it is a war zone.
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