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Chocolate: What kind is your favorite?

View Poll Results: Which kind of chocolate is your favorite?

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  • Milk Chocolate

    10 24.39%
  • Dark Chocolate

    23 56.10%
  • White Chocolate

    6 14.63%
  • I can't decide!

    2 4.88%
  • I don't like chocolate...

    0 0%
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This is a discussion on Chocolate: What kind is your favorite? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Milk chocolate for sure. I don't really like dark chocolate (although I'll eat it) and white chocolate grosses me out....

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    Milk chocolate for sure.

    I don't really like dark chocolate (although I'll eat it) and white chocolate grosses me out.

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    Dark chocolate. I like chocolate that has a sharp bite to it. I also tend to prefer the texture of dark chocolates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiwass View Post
    Cookies and cream for me

    In particular, this one:

    Attachment 809301
    I tried that Hershey's bar and I didn't like it. Tasted strange to me. I'm Australian so I think our chocolate tastes different. I love cookies and cream though. Cookies and cream ice cream etc...
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    Definitely dark chocolate.

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    Any sort is fine with me. Dark, milk or white. I do make my own chocolate, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armeen Arlerrt View Post

    And chocolate tastes different when its been in the fridge vs when its been out of the fridge. I noticed when you take it from the fridge its lost its taste a bit, but when left out it tastes better. That saying, I don't like mushy melted chocolate, somewhere in between refrigerated and left out.
    Putting it in the fridge is a no-no. It should need to hit temps of over 90F to melt if tempered correctly.
    Keep it out of the sun and you should be fine in but the most extreme cases. :)
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    I love me some white chocolate.

    With blonde hair and blue eyes.

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    Ever since I was a kid--white chocolate.

    I almost never eat it though b/c dark chocolate is healthier. White chocolate is basically cocoa fat and sugar. I do have cocoa butter for topical use (it smells just like chocolate!)

    I try to get fair trade chocolate b/c the chocolate industry is pretty shady with slaves. So I usually stick to brands that seem to know where the cocoa comes from or are certified, and then get them rarely or on discount.

    Edit: I also love a good Mexican mole sauce (it's not chocolate, but I think it's worth mentioning.)
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    Milk chocolate with almonds mmmmm. Like dark choc too

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